10 Social Media Posts For Clothing Brands

by | May 17, 2020 | Facebook, News, Strategy

When looking at some of the big clothing brands activity across Social Media, you will see that there is scope to be fun, creative and on-trend – whether that’s the latest fashion trend or what’s #trending.

With this in mind, the only way to stand out and be seen is to be just as fun and imaginative – it’s not all about having a big budget. However, it’s still important to remember to use each platform in the manner it’s intended. For example, LinkedIn is best for business news and updates whilst Facebook organic posts and ads can include links to drive traffic to your website.

Here are 10 post ideas to kick things off…

Business Info 

Social Media posts about your business can include who you are, what you sell and how much items cost. They can also include where you’re based (do you have a shop or are you online only?) and where you deliver to. You may also want to include posts about your employees, office space and inspirations. Think about the information that you would like to know about a business before completing a transaction and ensure this is easily accessible for your potential customers.

owner of a clothing store

Outfit of The Day

Who doesn’t love an OOTD? This could be on you, your models, employees or even on your customers. Share your OOTD posts and inspiration across Social Media and encourage your followers to do the same.


If you’re in a position to offer promotional codes, discounts or competitions then Social Media is a great way to get the word out. Remember to include all necessary T&Cs and adhere to the platform guidelines.

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Behind the Scenes

Whether it’s during a Photoshoot or simply the day to day office goings-on, give your audience a peek BTS. This will help them put a face to your brand and let’s face it, we’re all super nosey deep down.

Customer Generated 

Word of Mouth is still a great form of marketing, plus it’s now digital so easier to share! Encourage your customers to tag you in their Social Media posts such as hauls or outfit pics and share (with permission) across your Social Media Accounts. Consider creating a relevant hashtag for your business that customers can use, this will collate all of their uploads thus making it easier to see and repost.

packing the clothes for shipment to the customer

Feedback & Reviews

If you’re receiving great feedback and reviews, whether it’s via Facebook, Google or even just comments on your posts then don’t be shy about sharing them as an update. People will gain trust in your brand quicker if they can see that others are a fan too!

On Trend

What’s happening in the news or industry that you can be a part of? This could be anything from the latest fashion trend, Social Media meme, or dance craze. Having some fun and being super relevant will keep your followers engaging with you online.

Use feedalpha to help you find new and relevant stories to share with your followers.

Seasonal Outfits & Stock

Keep your audience up to date with your latest stock as it changes from season to season. This doesn’t just have to be website stock photography, try to include creative ways of showcasing your products such as flat lays of outfit inspirations and accessories or model photoshoots – whatever you have the resources to do.

seasonal outfits and stocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider what questions you are receiving from your customers the most and put together a series of Social Media posts answering them. You could do graphic style updates, Q&A Videos or even go live on your platform of choice!

Influencer Takeover

Do you have ties with local or industry influencers? This may need a little budget but it’s worth putting some time aside to research ‘Influencers’ who would suit your brand and start the conversation as to whether they can spice up your Social. This could be through them promoting your products on their platforms or you could hand over control for a ‘Social Media Takeover’ with them for the day. This will increase your reach and exposure to their fans as well as giving yours fresh content to peruse.

Don’t forget to use all of these suggestions more than once to create a fab mix of content. Link each post (where relevant) to your website using trackable links so you can see how much traffic you’re driving to your site and monitor what actions customers are taking next.

Use a tracking platform, such as Google Analytics, for insight that will show you if your customers are completing their purchases, dropping off on certain pages or leaving items in their basket. Furthermore, use the insights section on each of your Social Media platforms to see what your fans are responding to the best and ensure that influences your content planning going forward.

Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Gary is the Founder of Feedalpha. He has a background in AI, Data Analytics, SEO, Digital Strategy and Web Design.

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