18 Facebook Post Ideas You Wish You Had Thought Of

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Facebook

Have you ever seen a Facebook post and thought ‘I wish I’d thought of that’?

Or perhaps you’ve hit a creative wall and need some #Inspo?

Well, look no further, we’ve got 18 Facebook Post ideas to get that ball rolling!

1. Product Updates

Whether you offer a product or service, it’s important to keep your existing customers in the loop and inform your potential ones too.

From new releases to improvements or just reminders of how to make the most from your offering, keep your audiences engaged by sharing frequent product updates.

Here is an example from SAAS invoicing company Rounded.io

2. Behind the scenes

It may seem like the ‘norm’ for you but your customers would love to see where the magic happens.

From your office dog to a production line, people are naturally nosey so your customers will love a little sneak peek behind the scenes.

social day feedalpha

It could be a photo in the office or setting up for an event. Above is myself and Jane at Social Day last year in London getting ready for a very busy day.

3. #Throwback

Whether you’re celebrating a business milestone or it’s been a while since anything momentous happened, utilise the #Thowback and get your brag-able moments back out on the Facebook feed.

There are plenty of similar #’s to use too, like #FunFriday or #MondayMotivation – perhaps you could come up with your own company hashtag.

4. Topical Relevance

Social Media is all about keeping engaged and joining the conversation so what better way to do this than to be talking about the same thing as everybody else? Tailor your content around new Seasons, holidays such as Easter and Christmas or even the weather that day (just not every day!).

This will slot your content in perfectly with the rest of the activity on your customers Facebook feed and allow you a place to update with any different opening times / seasonal offers too.

halloween post example

Jumping back to number 3 and all things #’s, Topical content and ‘National Days’ will tie in best with everyone else if you use the trending # in your post.

The above is an example of a post we published during Halloween. Nothing overly special about the post but it was great for engagement.

5. News

Similar to the above, if your industry is in the news or you find an article relevant to your product or service, share articles and news updates with your following to keep them in the loop too!

This could spark some great conversations so be sure to stay active in this.

Just remember, only post it if you’re ready to accept a range of thoughts and opinions, perhaps steer clear of anything too controversial!

6. Fun facts

You likely know your product or services, and therefore your industry, better than your customers so how about educating them – in a fun ‘social’ way of course!

Fun Facts and Top Tips are a great way to do this.

If you’re feeling creative how about an Infographic or series of images to visually showcase the information?

digital marketing trends

We published a post a short while ago about Digital Marketing Trends and between Facebook and Twitter it drove significant traffic back to our website, new subscribers to our service, and new members to our private Facebook group.

The added bonus is we also picked up some really powerful backlinks without even looking for them. 


7. Videos

Not only does Facebook love Video, but they’re also a fantastic way of sharing a lot of content in an easy to consume way.

Whether it’s a ‘How To’ or ‘Q&A’, keep the camera rolling.

Above is a really quick video I put together as part of a blog post on how to download Facebook Live videos and repurpose them for blog posts. A blog post about creating a video to create a blog post 🙂

It worked like a charm and the page drives 100’s of visitors to the site every week so not a bad result from a quick video.

Perhaps throw in some funny outtakes too for some #FunFriday content!

8. Meet the team

Remember that Facebook is a ‘social’ platform and therefore putting names to faces will make your business more relatable, thus keeping your audience more engaged.

Jane spoke in London recently at Digital Women – a great conference full of small business owners, and this post was a great way to introduce Jane (our CEO) to the group. ‘Meet The Team’ updates are a great way to subtly showcase your employee’s skillset whilst mixing up your content.

9. Blog posts

Blog Posts are a great way of sharing a larger amount of information than a typical Facebook Post and also drive traffic to your website.

These could be written by you, sourced online or even produced by a Blogger.

Share enough of the blog post on your Facebook update to intrigue the audience and link off to your website for more!

This works really well for us and drives significant traffic and leads back to the site.

Regardless of your business blogging should be a key strategy to generate leads.

10. Caption this

Are you great at photography but stuck for a snazzy caption?

Get your followers to ‘Caption This’ in the comments below.

This will allow you to engage with them, give them a chance to get creative and ultimately increase your organic reach. Win/Win right?

caption this

Plus, some of the captions could be great inspiration for other photos!

11. Albums

If you’ve just launched a new product or service, hosted an event or just have a lot of great images you’d like to share with your customers, add them to a Facebook Album!

Be sure to add an explanation of what the images are of so as not to confuse anyone.

12. Have a bit of fun

You don’t always have to toe the corporate line.

Some of the best, most engaging posts on Facebook are just a bit of fun.

Take this post below for example – who doesn’t love a puppy playing about on the beach.

While not directly related to social media it does tell a very quick story on one of the befits of using our platform.

13. Q & A

Whether you do this as a Video, Blog Post or simply one post at a time, people have questions and you have the answers.

Try starting the conversation with answers to your FAQ’s and go from there!

You could even learn a thing or two about your customers and discover pain points they may have – that you can solve.

14. User generated content

What better way to advertise than to get other people to do it for you?

Your customers are actively using your products and clients utilising your services so be sure to share their experiences and advice with your audience.

Ask them to ‘Tag’ you into their posts or write you a testimonial to share. – Take it up a level and ask a customer to record a quite video testimonial. This is great content and a genuine customer testimonial can bring in new leads all day long.

People trust people.

15. Good news

New client onboard?

New shop stocking your product?

Tell people!

Social Media is full of people showcasing their best bits in life, join them and bring your audience on the journey with you.

Plus, if it’s the latter and you need to let people know where they can shop your goods, it’s two birds with one stone.

16. Reviews

What are people saying about your business on Google, Facebook, Twitter or even offline? Show off your positive feedback and encourage others to share with you.


Whilst we’re talking about reviews, if you happen to have a negative one then be sure to engage with that publicly too and make sure everyone else online can see that you’ve sorted any issues.

17. Events

Utilise the ‘Events’ feature on Facebook and bring your audience together.

Whether it’s an offline event or virtual gathering, it gives people a place to come together and communicate with you at the hub of it all.

You might like to tie this in with your ‘Q&A’ or ‘How To’ Videos.

18. Webinars

Another great form of content creation is to run some webinars in to your group. We invite social media experts  onto webinars monthly to share their best tips with the group. We run these as Facebook live sessions and then turn them into videos for our YouTube channel. 

There are many ways to generate additional content from these session. Take snippets of the video and use them for more posts. 

Extract the tips from the video and turn them into an infographic – more content for your blog.

Or just publish the tips one at a time in a series on your page. A good webinar will net you loads of great content.


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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

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