3 Helpful Social Media Planner Hacks

by | Jan 6, 2022 | News, Quick Reads

It’s that time of year where every Social Media Manager is putting together their fresh 2022 content calendars with the hope that nothing too disruptive comes their way! The more information your planner includes, from links to hashtags, the easier it will be to stay on top of your content and schedule in advance.

Of course, there will always be a requirement for ad-hoc posts and planner amends but this way businesses can ensure a consistent feed of quality content is being shared across Social Media regularly without taking too much time out of the day to day.


Include A Character Count

If you’re plotting your content on Google Sheets or Excel then one handy tip is to include a column containing a character count. This can even automatically turn green, amber or red depending on how close you are to the total.

Tracking characters as you go will help when constructing Tweets, allowing space for a link and hashtags without going over the limit. This will ultimately save you time when it comes to scheduling.


Research Hashtags and Handles Beforehand

Another time-saving tip is to research key hashtags and relevant handles when writing the copy so you’re not getting distracted when it’s time to schedule. By including hashtags and handles (where relevant) you will help to increase your organic reach and drive engagement with others across Social Media.

Hashtags were once limited to Twitter but now are a handy tool across all Social Media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Plot Out Key Dates

Not sure where to start? We’ve all been there when faced with an empty planner and trying to get super organised weeks or months in advance. The best way to get your creative juices following is to fill out the easy dates such as National Days and key calendar occasions for each month.

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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Gary is the Founder of Feedalpha. He has a background in AI, Data Analytics, SEO, Digital Strategy and Web Design.

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