7 Social Media Post Ideas For A Day Care

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Social Media can be a fantastic platform to build rapport and generate a relationship with your customers. Businesses across all industries should be taking advantage of Social Media platforms, especially those where trust and reputation are of utmost importance – such as a Day Care. Due to restrictions on certain topics and putting the children’s safety as a priority, Day Cares may struggle to form a wide – ranging Social Media content mix. Nonetheless, we have seven post ideas to get the ball rolling.


Meet The Team

As above, it’s critical to the business’s success that parents or carers feel comfortable with the team taking care of their little ones day to day, so Social Media can be a great forum to introduce them, share any qualifications and put a face to a name.

Parents will be able to show these posts to their kids and help build up a relationship to put them at ease for when they visit.



Next up is the facilities, another important area for any Day Care business. By showcasing the cleanliness and safety measures of a location, alongside the mix of activities and toys available, parents will be able to see a snapshot of what a visit would look like for their children. Furthermore, this could help build up the children’s excitement levels before they arrive.


Assessment Reports

All registered childcare facilities will have to go through assessments to ensure they are suitable for children. In the UK, for example, this is Ofsted. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted is a department of the government and responsible for inspecting and rating educational institutions.

When researching childcares, parents and carers will be especially interested in the results of these reports. Therefore, Day Cares should make it as easy as possible to find the information needed. Firstly, this should be on your website, but secondly, you can utilise your Social Media platforms to share the information.



Parents and Carers will love to see what their little ones get up to day by day, or what they could potentially be doing if they were to choose your Day Care over a potential competitor. Share any fun, creative activities that you participate in at the Day Care and encourage your families to carry these on at home.

You may look to share step-by-step how to set-up or participate via videos and helpful infographics to give your content a more visual angle.


Daycare post ideas

Blog Posts

You’re likely full of helpful facts and information on what’s best for kids of all ages when it comes to attending Day Care, learning and development and nutrition. Help support your parents with each childhood milestone and showcase how much expert insight you have to share via Blog Posts.

Blog posts will help build the content on your website and support SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It will also help add a mix of content to your Social Media accounts and add value to your audience who follow you.



Day Cares are often hosting events such as Crazy Hair Day or Summer/Christmas Fairs. Updates before, during and after special events will make for great Social Media posts – just be sure to have the permission of anyone you’re planning to post pictures of.



Many Day Cares will likely organise fundraising events throughout the year, such as Cake Sales. Social Media can be used to firstly remind the parents of the Cake Sale, for example, but encourage them to come along and donate. If parents are unable to make it, consider including an alternative way of contributing.


Private Groups

If there is information that you’d like to share with only the parents or carers of your existing children, then consider creating a private forum, such as a Facebook Group. This will help you share information quickly but also allow space for the parents to converse that is exclusive to your existing families .

Hopefully, these initial ideas are enough to put together a content plan, which is definitely advised as it could be risky sharing unplanned content in a childcare industry. However, you don’t need to be limited to the above and if you’re stuck on ideas, just ask the parents what they’d like to see!

Remember: Safeguarding is essential in childcare, so be sure to either not share photographs of the kids at all or have a comprehensive consent form available for parents and carers to sign in advance.


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