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feedalpha is an easy to use social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



View & manage all your social content in one place


Create engaging posts for every social network – view our resources for inspiration if you need!


Search 1000’s of articles from the world to share with your followers directly.


Keep your social media working 24/7 while you relax!

Canva Button

The Canva Button is here! You now have the power to design your social media images with style and impact. The visual quality of how you share content has a huge effect on how people judge it, and you can now do all of this with feedalpha.

Feed your followers EASILY!


to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

RSS Feed

allows you to share your content or your favourite site’s content – FAST!

Trending Articles

Fresh new content to share from any sector every day!

Calendar View

with drag and drop functionality, making it easier to view and move your content.

Access to Calendar

with content ideas. Spark your creativity!


See what’s working, and on what platform, easily!

Save Time & Increase Engagement

feedalpha is an easy to use tool that helps you save time and increase engagement with social media posts. Schedule your content across multiple social media platforms. Find content to share by searching for hashtags or topics. Shares are automatically posted to your chosen social media accounts at the scheduled time.

Our team are constantly looking for ways to improve our product. As such we are currently working on adding the following features:

  • New Calendar Layout
  • Workflow Approvals
  • Campaign Tags
  • Notes Bucket
  • Hashtag finder
  • Engage & respond to your audience
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Post Mockups

and much more!

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