A Guide On How To Sell On Pinterest

by | May 27, 2022 | How To, Pinterest

Pinterest boasts 335 million monthly active users and nearly half of them use the platform just to plan out their next purchase. And brands who help people find their dream product win the game. Think of the million potential new customers buying your products if you set up an attractive Pinterest shop and get your product catalogs in front of them.

To do this, you need to learn how to sell on Pinterest successfully.

Is It Good to Sell On Pinterest?

Absolutely yes. Pinterest is a great marketing tool that helps eCommerce merchants to drive colossal traffic to their online stores and convert the highest average order value. It is one of the best traffic-driving social media platforms offering retailers free shopping tools. With the introduction of Buyable Pins, now consumers can easily shop and checkout using Pinterest App.

Here are some quick facts to endorse the potential of Pinterest in driving sales:

  • Pinterest is the third-largest social media platform people use to find shopping ideas.
  • Shopping is a top activity for 48% of Pinterest users and 89% of US pinners use Pinterest to research a product and make purchasing decisions.
  • Over 80% of new signups are from outside the US.  It’s allowing you to extend your social media marketing measures and make it your long-term sales channel.

Actionable Tips On How To Sell On Pinterest


A guide to selling on pinterest

Set up a Pinterest Business Account

With a free business account, you can use more tools and features than a personal account to sell on Pinterest. You can upload your catalog, add a rich pin, buy buttons, see the analytics, run shopping ads, and much more.

To create a Pinterest business account, go to pinterest.com/business/create, fill in your business information, website, branding assets and select your advertisement preferences.

Use a high-resolution image as your cover photo and logo as a profile picture.

Add SEO-optimized description in your bio section and contact information so that your customers can easily make out any queries.

Enter your online store website link in the profile section and verify your website. For this, Pinterest provides you with an HTML tag that you have to place in the source code of your website.

Now click on the claim button and your website will be verified within a few seconds.

Set up Pinterest shopping catalogs

Pinterest allows brands to upload their product catalogs and easily create dynamic Pins of products daily. To do this, you need to create a data source (your product catalog or product feed). The data source is a file containing a list of your products and their corresponding attributes.

When you submit your data source file to Pinterest, you don’t need to create pins for each product manually. Pinterest will dynamically create Pins daily, and alert you about any errors, which means more shoppable Pins for users to save and buy from them.

how to create a catalog on pinterest
  • Open your Pinterest account
  • Click on ‘create catalog’
  • Upload your data source file
  • Group together similar products to make them easily searchable for users
  • Organize your feed using boards, descriptions, titles, tags, etc. to improve search rankings.

Design Attractive Visuals

Pinterest is a visual platform so you need to create stunning pins to make your profile looks appealing that people want to click. You can create beautifully designed optimally sized graphics with bold colors and fonts using your product photos.

You can also do a mix of beautiful text overlay graphics and branded product photos that entice users to click on and purchase.

Create Rich Pins

Rich pins highlight the description of the product with an experience that increases engagement. If you want to showcase extra information along with photos of your product, these pins will help you show your customers the necessary information regarding the product and its price. These Pins only work once you claim your website on Pinterest and add metadata to your product pages.

There are four types of Rich Pins you can create:

Product pins

These include pricing, availability, and a link to the product page to make shopping easier.

Recipe pins

You can add cooking time, ingredients, and serving sizes to these pins.

Article pins

These allow you to add the story title, description, author name, and link to the original article.

App pins

These pins have an install button that helps users to install the iOS apps directly without leaving Pinterest.

See our earlier guide on How to create Pins

create pinterest pins

Buyable Pins (only work for selected countries)

Buyable Pins are mobile responsive buttons that allow merchants to mark their products with a blue price and an ‘Add to Bag’ button. This button helps customers to purchase and complete payment transactions from any platform. However, the buy button will only be available to Shopify store owners.

To activate Buyable Pins, add the new Pinterest sales channel to your Shopify account.

This process will automatically enable the ‘buy’ button on all of your products found on Pinterest.


SEO Your Pins

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine that works on a search engine algorithm you have to follow best SEO practices to rank your pins among your target audience. Do proper keyword research, look for your competitors’ profiles, and use their techniques with a bit of creativity to improve your Pinterest profile.

Use the targeted keyword strategically and naturally in your description, title, and alt text to get more organic views and drive sales.

Use the Pinterest Analytics tool to find trending keywords that align with your target audience and shortlist your industry-related keywords by identifying traffic trend graphs.


Create Shopping Ads (Paid Advertising Campaigns)

If you have some extra bucks to spend on shopping ads then post Promoted Pins. Pick the most effective advertising method as per your objectives ( boost engagement, build brand awareness, or drive traffic) to get the results you’re after.

You can create six different types of shopping ads, including:

  • Promoted Pins
  • Carousel. A collection of 2-5 images with separate titles, descriptions, and links to landing pages.
  • 6-15 second-long video.
  • Story Pins
  • Shop the Look or Buyable Pins. You can add 4-6 tagged items that link to different landing pages in one image.

 Join the verified merchant program

Verified merchants can get a badge on their Pinterest business profile and product Pins and a special shop tab that shows your brand is vetted by the Pinterest team. Moreover, your Pins will also appear in front of people looking for new brands with an enhanced shopping experience for customers.

Apply for the merchant program

Connect your catalog

Install the Pinterest tag using a compatible Pinterest tag manager to track actions.

sell on pinterest

Post often and regularly

Properly timed posts can raise your Pinterest sales by 20%. Make sure to Pin and re-pin regularly at the right time and day to maximize the chances to reach more audience. Stay up-to-date, produce fresh and diverse content to keep your followers engaged.


Pinterest marketing can be your best step to drive more traffic and sales if you implement the correct strategy. Try these best practices and create Pinterest boards to organize Pins in an appealing way. It will help you get the most eyeballs.

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