Digital Women Special Offer

We love working with Digital Women to deliver the small business content hub. We want to give all of you amazing digital women access to our social media management tool at a price that won’t hurt your bank account!

Schedule your content
We give you content
Review your progress

Schedule Your Content

With feedalpha, you can easily create and manage your content from a central location. You can customize your content to fit the needs of your different audiences and schedule when you want your content to be published.

Keep all of your content in one place and easily viewable with this calendar tool.

You’ll be able to see what’s scheduled and map out future campaigns. Our calendar has a drag and drop functionality to allow you to easily change the day of your post and pause content functionality. This is helpful when you need to make last-minute changes or take advantage of an opportunity.

Create content your way
feedalpha allows you to add your own images or videos to your post. It has the added functionality of a Canva integration that allows you to create images while in the feedalpha platform.
social media tool

Create Content Easily

Turn your website into a content machine! This feature allows you to create 3 pieces of social media content from a website link.

Organise Your Content

Use our labels feature to help you plan and organise your content.

Our content feed gives you fresh and trending content

Search thousands of trending articles from around the world. Our feed of content is broken into LATEST and TRENDING.
This helps you find amazing content that appeals to your target audience. Add your own personal touch and share in a few clicks.

RSS Feed

Stay up to date with your favourite news outlets or bloggers. Simply add their URL to the RSS feed tool and it will update your feed with their articles for you to share directly with your audience.

Review your Progress

See what really matters for your organic social media campaigns.
Don’t get bogged down in numbers and reports. As a small business, the most important results are right at your fingertips.

Organise Your Future Posts

Timing is everything
We do the maths for you! See when is the best time to schedule your post based on previous engagement.
See what content worked best

See which post got the best reaction from your audience and which was a flop 🙂 . Using this you can tailor your next batch of posts so you know they will get engagement.