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by | Feb 10, 2020 | Instagram, Facebook

Whether you’re a Social Media Manager or an ad-hoc Facebook User, you will likely know how often Facebook makes tweaks and updates to the platform. Creator Studio is no different. Although it’s been around for a while now, Facebook has recently started redirecting you from your Page to Creator Studio to use certain features.

With so many updates, different areas of Facebook (both Organic and within Business Manager), and your daily notifications on top, it’s easy to get yourself in a muddle. Facebook has introduced Creator Studio to give you one platform to manage your posts, insights and messages to keep things simple whether you’re managing one page or ten.


To access Creator Studio, visit Facebook.com/CreatorStudio or go to your Facebook Page -> “Publishing Tools” -> “Tools” -> “Creator Studio.”


The Home tab is pretty self-explanatory, you can post an update, upload a video or go live. You can also publish to Instagram and IGTV from here.

At the top of the screen, chose the page or pages that you want to view. This could be your Top Pages, Business Account Pages or you can manually select them. View your insights for the last 7 days or get a 28-day overview of your scheduled posts, drafts and expiring posts.

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Content Library

The Content Library breaks down into 4 subsections: Posts, Videos you can crosspost, Playlists and your Posts Timeline.


Here you can use Creator Studio as a publishing platform or to review and analyse the results of the posts you have already published. Select the page or pages that you would like to view from the dropdown on the top left and filter by Post Type, Post Status, date range and several other filtering options. You can see all posts, all published, scheduled, drafts plus expired and expiring posts from here.

Videos You Can Crosspost

If you have published a video on one page and can crosspost to another they will appear here. Simply select the video that you’d like to share and click ‘View Post’ or ‘Crosspost video’.


Create a playlist to give viewers a single place to view all of the videos they love. You can now save playlists as a draft before publishing. Simply select your page, add videos and enter your playlist details.

Post Timeline

Your timeline will show you your posts as a list and allow you to search for certain content. This will help you look back at the engagement from new or historic posts and boost if needed.


post timeline


Under Insights you can see an ‘Overview’ or separately review your:

  • Activity

This looks at the last 7 days, or a custom date range, worth of results for videos you have posted, crossposted or shared. Performance metrics include Minutes Viewed, Engagement and Top Videos. You can even see the results split by Organic and Paid.

  • Audience

Here you can see the age and gender of your engaged viewers, their counties, interests and languages. Use this information to create target audiences for Facebook Ads and to potentially tailor your content and tone of voice.

  • Retention

This will show you the average time people spent watching the videos you have published and provides suggestions on how to improve your retention.

  • Stories

You will be encouraged to choose a single page and then redirected to the ‘Pages’ Section of Business Manager which still hosts your Stories Insights. These include Unique Opens, Engagement and Number of Stories Published.



When looking at your Inbox, you will need to choose a single page. Then, you can view your Messenger, Instagram Direct and Comments on Facebook and Instagram. It is incredibly helpful to have everything in once place and ensure you’re getting back to any enquiries in good time across both platforms. You can also manage your automated responses from this section.


This section breaks down into the following sections:

  • Page Eligibility

Content creators can use a range of different monetisation tools to earn through Facebook. However, you must meet certain criteria to use monetisation tools such as having a minimum of 1,000 followers and reaching 15,000 post engagements in the last 60 days.

  • In-Stream Ads

If you are eligible and utilise monetisation within Facebook, you can keep track of your status and earnings from in-stream ads here. This is where an ad appears within your video.

  • Payout Settings

Does what it says on the tin, manage your money here.

  • Policy Issues

Select a single page to see information on breaches of the monetisation policy. You can only see this if you’re an admin of the page.

  • Rights Manager

Again, you will need to select one individual page for Rights Manager. This is only available for pages that have been approved.

Under Rights Manager you can see Matching Videos, Disputes, Reference Library, Settings & Help. This will help you protect your copyrighted content on Facebook and Instagram.

Sound Collection

Browse Tracks and Sound Effects from a range of genres, moods and durations. Play an audio clip or download.


Under settings, you can look at Page & Permission, Page Settings and Page Quality. Page Settings and Quality will direct you to select a page and will open a separate tab.


Resources will open a new tab for Events, Ads Manager, Shop and Instant Articles.

sound collection


On the top bar, you will be able to flick between Facebook and Instagram by clicking on their icons. Head over to Instagram for:

Content Library

New features for Instagram include tagging people in photo posts, turning off comments and tagging business partners in branded content.


content library - posts
Similar to Facebook, on the Instagram section of Creator Studio, you can view an overview of several accounts or select individual ones.

Under posts, you can see All Content, Video, Photos, Carousels, Stories and IGTV. You can also see the Post Status and whether they are Published, Scheduled, in Draft or have been Archived.

You can see here the date the post was published (or archived and so on), how many likes it received and how many comments.

Here you can also ‘create post’ for the Instagram Feed or IGTV. If you select ‘feed’, you can write your post, add location and imagery and select whether to publish, schedule or save as draft. Selecting ‘schedule’ will show a pop-up to select your date or time.

Scheduling on Instagram

Instagram scheduling is still relatively new and not available on every scheduling platform yet, so Creator Studio is a fantastic tool for it. You can keep track of your character limit, including 30 mentions and 30 hashtags.

post to instagram
Select “Create Post”
creating post
Add Content
adding content
Select Time and Date
You can schedule to IGTV by uploading your file with a title and description of your video. Make sure that your video meets the following requirements:· Videos must be between 60 seconds and one hour long·

Vertical videos should have an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Horizontal videos should have an aspect ratio of 16:9.·

Videos must be in MP4 file format


There are currently fewer insights available for Instagram than there are for Facebook – but watch this space.

  • Activity

To view your Insights, you will need to choose one Instagram Account to focus on. Once you have done this you can see the number of posts, integrations in the last 7 days and what outcome they had such as Website Visits, Emails, Calls and more. You can also see your ‘Discovery’ and how many accounts your content has reached plus number of impressions.

  • Audience

Next under Insights is your Audience. This shows your total number of followers and whether they have increased or decreased in the last 7 days. You are able to see the age and gender of your followers and what time they are most likely to be active on Instagram by day or hour. Use this information when scheduling your content to ensure the best exposure. Finally, see what countries and towns or cities your audience are in.



Instagram Accounts

Here you can ‘Add’ an Instagram Account or simply get an overview of your accounts and their number of followers. Hover over an account to delete it or open Instagram on desktop.

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Gary Evans

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