Five Post Ideas For A Crafter

by | Nov 16, 2021 | How To, Instagram, Small Business

As amazing as Social Media can be for businesses across all industries, it’s extra fun for those with a typically more relaxed, creative brand. Crafters, for example, can truly maximise the features and opportunities that several Social platforms provide.

One of the first decisions a Crafter should make when turning to Social Media Marketing (and selling) is which platforms to focus their energy on.


Choosing The Right Platform For You

It’s unlikely that a large volume of your target audience will be on LinkedIn, for instance, and even if they are they will be looking to connect with colleagues and contacts rather than browse for new products.

Pinterest and Instagram on the other hand are ideal platforms for Crafters and Instagram even provides the perfect place to sell products.

Although you may wish to have a presence on every platform, a large reach doesn’t necessarily equate to a quality one. Businesses need to focus their time on Social Media platforms that will bring them a return and enable them to reach and engage with their target audiences.


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Planning Your Content In Advance

We all know there just isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes, especially for smaller businesses who have less staff picking up a whole range of tasks. Unfortunately, Social Media is often quick to slip down the ‘to-do’ list when time is short.

By planning and scheduling your content in advance you will be able to guarantee a drip-feed of posts are being shared across your platforms and keeping your audiences engaged and hungry for more.

Planning ahead will also give you enough time to proof any copy and capture fantastic product photos for each post. Although, don’t forget to jump on Stories every now and then for some real-time content and sneaky behind the scenes as your audience will enjoy that too!

Here are five easy post ideas to get your creative content juices flowing.

1. Introductions

As your reach and exposure grow, so will your Social Media following. Don’t forget to share introductions and businesses info every now and then as a refresh on who you are and what your brand represents.

2. Step By Steps

Watching an artist at work is absolutely fascinating and your audience will love to see your skills in action. Whether it’s a series of photographs, a video or during a Live, step by step guides are a great way to showcase your talents and engage your audience on Social Media.

3. Commissions

Some Crafters will undertake commissions to create unique, bespoke products for their customers. If this is the case, show your Social Media audience your work to highlight this service but also your skills and passion.

4. Latest Projects

Similar to the above, any new products or projects you introduce would make for fantastic Social Media content. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are image-led so be sure to capture stunning shots of your work from interesting angles to really stand out on the feed.

5. Stalls & Events

Crafters will often attend events or have pop-up stalls – especially around Christmas or Bank Holidays. If this is the case for you then don’t forget to let your audience know the time, place and any entry fee so they can be sure to stop by!

Sharing posts before, during and after the event will also help build up demand and excitement for the next one.


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Review Your Results

With those five (and likely many more post ideas), it’s important to share a well-balanced mix of content ideas, styles and formats to keep your feed fresh and your audience engaged.

By tracking your results you will be able to monitor what your audience is responding to best and where you might need to switch things up a bit. Over time you will be able to monitor trends and ‘fail fast’ when it comes to trying new things.


Engage With Your Audience

It’s likely that you’ll get questions, comments and tags so be sure to engage back with your audience to keep the conversation going. This will help to build rapport and showcase your brand rather than just be known as a logo and Social Media handle.

One fabulous way to drive engagement and get inspired to post across social is to ask your audience exactly what they want to see. For example, you could host Polls, a Live Q&A or simply ask your customers offline what they think you should post.

This will ensure you’re getting great levels of engagement and make your customers feel like they genuinely have an influence, it’s a win-win!


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