Five Post Ideas For A Toy Shop

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Social Media is meant to be just that, social – and fun. Which is fantastic news for those businesses who can really run with it online and get creative. Toy Shops have the advantage of fun and engaging stock that makes fantastic content and a typically more relaxed brand that allows for their creativity to shine through.


Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Before you start posting across various Social Media platforms, it’s always worth outlining a Social Media Strategy. This plan should include what you’re looking to achieve from your Social Media efforts, plus how these goals will be executed, tracked and reported on.

Firstly, think about who your desired customers are and where they’re likely to be spending time on social. Secondly, think about how to get your key messages across online and how best to balance sales-driving and promotional activity with engagement and rapport building content.

Take a look at your competitors’ posts and other, similar, businesses in the market and how they present themselves on Social Media. It might be that you’re already doing a better job and staying competitive or they could provide some inspiration for your own activity.


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Prepare Your Content In Advance

It’s always beneficial to prepare and schedule your organic content in advance to ensure a consistent and quality drip-feed of posts. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day but being organised will always help!

Plan what you’re looking to post, on what days and on which platforms. Then, schedule posts in advance – whether it’s weekly or monthly, for example.

Here are five Social Media post ideas suitable for a Toy Shop to include in their content planners.

1. Latest Stock

As above, your latest stock will really be the main event and a fantastic way of creating multiple posts for Social Media. However, it’s important to find the right balance between promotional updates and engagement-driving ones.

Perhaps consider doing more informative, tutorial style posts rather than obviously pushing for a sale. Of course, always include information on how to purchase such as links to your website and the cost of the toy where suitable.

2. Reviews

Parents will undoubtedly have questions when it comes to purchasing new toys for their little ones, especially if they’re new to the market. Reviews from members of the team, existing customers and of course children (where possible) will help them commit to purchase.

Encourage your existing customers to share feedback on not just the toys but their shopping experience with you and (with permission) share this with your Social Media following.

3. Offers & Promotions

We all love a good bargain and shoppers may hold out for certain times of year to make purchases such as Black Friday and January Sales. Businesses should only run discounts and offers if it makes financial businesses sense.

If you’re offering a discount then Social Media is absolutely the best way to promote it. It’s free and the audience potentials are vast.

If you’re unable to discount your products then perhaps consider a customer loyalty scheme to add that extra incentive to keep your customers coming back.

4. Gift Ideas

There are also certain times of the year when you’ll see toy sales increase. Of course, you’ll know better than anyone when this might be but typically it’s around key holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

Be sure to share some gift ideas – such as stocking fillers – with your audience to help with their search, promote your products and add value to their customer journey.

5. Live or Video Demonstrations

Similar to the above mentioned informative product posts, Toy Shops can utilise ‘going live’ or the video features offered by apps such as Instagram or TikTok to promote their stock in a more engaging, interactive way.

A mix of post formats will help keep your feed fresh and video will help your customers learn about the toy much quicker – thus shortening their customer journey.


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Review Results

Very few businesses get it ‘right first time’ when it comes to Social Media, no matter how much they plan and prepare. The best way to improve your social awareness and grow your audience is to truly understand what any potential or existing customers like and what they’re engaging with the most.

Social Media platforms will provide several metrics to help companies review their results and make informed decisions. From here, businesses can tailor their content to mirror what receives the highest levels of engagement and therefore increase their chances of social success.


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