Five Post Ideas For Holistic Therapy

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Social Media is a huge asset to businesses of all sizes and can help them stay in touch with existing customers as well as engage with new, conquest audiences. Not only is Social Media one of the more cost-effective forms of marketing, but it’s also a space to showcase brand personality and creativity.


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Choose The Right Platforms For Your Business

Before you begin, it’s important to consider the most relevant platforms for your audience. Although having a presence across all of the biggies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) is important, you need to consider quality over quantity.

Quality content, customer engagement and audience is the key to successful Social Media strategies. Avoid spreading your time too thin by trying to manage multiple accounts if it means reducing the quality of your content and the time spent social listening and engaging with your audience.

Consider platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, for example, where you’re most likely to find your desired customers. If you’re not sure where to start then simply ask your existing clients where they spend their time online.

Plan Your Content In Advance

Now you know where you’re going to post, think about how. By planning your content in advance you’re more likely to stay on top of your posting and therefore drive better engagement levels with your audience.

Here are five post ideas to add to your planner.

All About You

Social Media users often visit platforms to discover and learn new things. Especially sites such as Instagram or Pinterest. Use this to share and discuss Holistic Therapy and why you believe it’s something your audience would be interested in.

This can include everything your audience might need to know about you, your industry and your team. You could even share existing client testimonials to showcase positive feedback.

Available Services and Prices

Once you have developed an audience of informed followers, don’t forget to go into more detail about your available services, prices (where appropriate) and where/how to book. The easier it is for your audience to find out all of the necessary information, the more likely they are to convert.

If you’re in a position to run promotions, such as introduction packages or loyalty discounts then share this information alongside posts like this.

Gift Vouchers

It might be that some Social Media users need a little nudge to try the holistic approach, and word of mouth is always going to be the best form of advertising. With this in mind, by offering Gift Vouchers, you’re enabling (and encouraging) existing clients to spread the word on your behalf.

You may find that vouchers are popular at certain times of the year, for example, Christmas, so be sure to post more frequently about them then.


As above, you may well find potential, and even existing, clients have several questions before they’re willing to commit. By hosting a Q&A session – whether this is done via going live or by a series of posts, you will be able to answer multiple questions and start to build a rapport with your audience.

They must trust you and by educating them on Holistic Therapy, and all about your business, they will be more likely to convert.

Wellness Inspiration and Tips

You’ll know more than most about all things holistic so share this knowledge with your audience via tips and inspiring posts. This will keep your customers engaged in-between visits, showcase your knowledge and hopefully set you apart from any competitors.

If you’re not sure which tips to share, take inspiration from your frequently asked questions and post the answers to these as your top tips.

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Review and Revise

Not everyone will get it ‘right first time’ on Social Media and it may take a while to understand your audience, what they’re responding to and therefore what you should be posting. Plus, it’s important to ‘fail fast’ so as not to leave followers unengaged.

By monitoring your Social Media results, you will be able to identify trends and include more of what works in your planners. This could be everything from post topics, creative formats and even key posting times or days.

Although planning ahead is important, don’t become too reliant on what’s scheduled if there’s something better or more topical to post. It is social media after all and your followers want to know there’s a human on the other side who’s up to date with the news, industry and even the latest trends where appropriate!


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