Free Social Media Planner

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase sales for any business. However, keeping track of all of your social media posts alongside preparing a marketing strategy in advance can be somewhat of a hassle without the right account management tools to make the job easier.

Take your social media presence to the next level with our FREE Social Media Planner that will help you plan for 2022 and keep your content calendar on track for the year ahead.

Use The Planner To

Track Your Social

Track Your Social

A one-stop-shop for social media managers running a handful of accounts across multiple social networks.

plan your marketing

Plan Your Marketing

Centralize your efforts to improve sales and brand recognition with a single, professional plan for all major social media platforms.

get it out there

Get It Out There

Schedule social media posts and save yourself some time by planning ahead! Our free social media management tool will allow you to improve your posting efficiency.

track your competiton

Track Your Competition

See what your competitors are up to, analyze their performance, and identify potential opportunities to beat them at their own game.

share with colleagues

Share With Colleagues

Improve your team collaboration by sharing calendars, drafts, and scheduling tools with them so that you’re all on the same page when the time comes to implement your brand-new strategy.

identify gaps

Identify Gaps

Find out what new content areas you brand can explore to increase visibility across a number of platforms, and share your findings with the content creation team.

Why use a Social Media Planner

Following a social media strategy in the present day is vital to expanding your business and brand online. Creating engaging and quality content that your target audience wants to interact with is key to getting your name out there and will help you work towards your marketing goals.

Being able to produce and plan this quality social media content is where things can become a little tricky. Keeping track of all of your scheduled posts, ideas, and basic analytics can get overwhelming really quickly if you don’t use the right tools to streamline your strategy.

There are a variety of social media channels, and each may require a different type of content, depending on your audience. The types of posts that gain significant traction among Twitter users can go unnoticed on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, and vice versa. Our free social media scheduler provides you with all the features required to identify the types of content that sell across multiple networks, allowing you to build your business’s marketing strategy aroud the specific goals of the company.

The best way to implement an effective social media and content strategy is to get organised and create a content calendar. Whether you work with visual content, run two social media accounts at the same time, or simply want to schedule content, all the while being able to keep track of your brand mentions and post-performance, we strongly encourage you to try out our completely free social media planner.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of benefits that come with creating and using a social media calendar. Planning content ahead of time will mean you publish posts that are relevant, engaging and work better towards your long-term goals.

Without a content calendar, posts may be duplicated and less relevant, reducing customer engagement online. Your social media efforts will be made much easier with every post planned ahead of time. The algorithm loves consistency, and with a schedule filled with pre-planned posts, you’ll be able to achieve just that. Posting content on a regular basis is an absolutely crucial element of any social marketing strategy, especially for new social media accounts looking to gain thousands of followers in an organic way.

Having a content calendar in an app that allows you to schedule posts across a variety of platforms at the same time takes away a lot of the pressure that comes with having to “chase the algorithm” by creating new content every day to keep your account fresh and relevant to your user base. By taking some time to create drafts at least one month ahead and scheduling them to be posted throughout the next 30 days, you free up a lot of precious time that can be spent on devising new strategies and perfecting your products.

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Other benefits of using a content calendar to help with publishing include:

save time

Save Time

Without a content calendar to help you schedule and track posts, digital marketing can be extremely time-consuming and you may end up scrolling for hours looking for some good content to publish online. A content calendar will save you time as your content will be ready for publishing and you will not have to come up with content ideas for the day ahead. A content calendar can give you a view of the month ahead and allow you to plan your content for national days and events.

Our social media scheduling tool will help you enjoy creating content for your social accounts once again, instead of dreading going to work every day, where you’ve got to keep coming up with ideas on the fly.

become more creative

Become More Creative

A social media content calendar will not only help with getting organised but it will allow you to jot down ideas to become more creative. A month of content ready to be published gives you the time and energy to focus on additional marketing efforts that can grow your brand. Content planning via content calendars makes use of your best ideas so that they do not go to waste.

Rushing the content creation process always ends up with social media managers burning out really quickly and losing all their passion for the job. Not to mention the fact that ideas that you don’t have time to revisit and improve will not generate as much engagement once posted! A social media calendar created with the help of our scheduling tool will allow you to unleash your creativity in an unforced, systematic manner.

helps to achieve goals

Helps to Achieve Goals

One of the most important benefits of creating and using a content calendar is the ability to define and focus on specific goals with the content you are posting, rather than sharing irrelevant content that may not help towards your aims.

Planning content in a calendar also allows you to keep track of A/B testing, campaign tracking, and other analytics that will tell you whether the content you posted was effective in working towards goals. You’ll have a better outlook on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the content you post on each social media platform. Aside from scheduling tools and basic posting features, our free planner also comes with an array of analytics tools that help you see how much traffic is generated with each post, and whether or not certain types of content evoke a more positive response among your target audience.


better planning between teams

Better Planning Between Teams

Calendars that contain time, dates and pieces of content ready to be published will leave less room for error when it comes to your shared digital marketing strategy. Making a content calendar accessible to not just your own team but other teams within the business means you can all collaborate and have complete transparency as to what is planned for social channels and the website blog.

In some companies, different social media platforms are managed by different employees. For example, you may be running a Twitter account, whereas one of your co-workers is in charge of drafting Instagram posts. While your content will be fundamentally different due to the varying mechanics of these two popular platforms, coordinating the types of content you post will help bring all of your business’s social media accounts together, contributing to the development of a cohesive, recognizable brand identity. With major companies and small businesses becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to the way they present themselves online, lagging behind in this area can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.