How to Edit a Facebook Business Page

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A Facebook business page allows a company to market their product or service on Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world! Because Facebook is used by so many people, it has a wide range of user demographics, allowing businesses to find their niche audience, no matter what they offer. Whether you use your Facebook business page to increase website traffic, post updates, create ads or simply update existing customers on news, Facebook can help you to reach marketing goals and take your business to the next level. Editing a Facebook page is quite simple but may be difficult if you are not familiar with the platform, which is why we are here to give you a step by step guide on how to edit your Facebook business page.


Editing Page Info on Your Facebook Page

The page information section on your Facebook business page allows you to edit:

• Name of your page
• Page username
• Page description
• Page category
• Contact details
• Business location
• Service area
• Opening hours
• Price range

feedalpha how to edit a FB business page


There are two ways to edit your Facebook page information on the desktop; you can use the left-hand menu under ‘Manage Page’ or locate the ‘About’ box on your page, and click to ‘Edit Page Info’.

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For mobile, head to your Facebook business page and click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner. Find and click ‘Edit Page Info’.

It is important to note that Facebook will not allow you to create a username if your page has less than 25 likes. This is so that only active business pages can select a username, that may otherwise have been taken by an inactive page.

When writing your page description, you should include a brief summary of your business, what you offer and a short call-to-action, such as “Find out more on our website”. Facebook allows only 255 characters in this short description, so take your time to write something that will help keep people on your page. Facebook allows you to add contact details, but this is not mandatory and you can select that your page doesn’t have a phone number/email/website. Provide as much information as you can for your Facebook page; people expect to find information almost immediately and may click off your page if they struggle to find what they are looking for.


Adding a Profile Picture and Cover Image

Your profile picture and cover image can have a great impact on the way that people view your business. If your images are of bad quality and do not reflect the business, potential customers can easily get the wrong impression. The best practice for a Facebook business page is to have your business’s logo as the profile picture, and a great quality photo of your product or service as the cover image.

It is also important that you get the photo dimensions correct so that your images do not look distorted or your product/service cropped out. Use the following dimensions for your profile and cover images:

Facebook Profile Image: 170 x 170 pixels on desktop, 128 x 128 pixels for mobile

Facebook Cover Image: 820 x 321 pixels on desktop, 640 x 360 pixels on mobile


How to Change Profile and Cover Images on Facebook Desktop

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To change the profile image on your Facebook page, click the small camera icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the image. You can then ‘View Photo’ or ‘Edit Profile Picture’. Facebook will give you the option to select a profile image from images you have already uploaded to your page, or upload a brand new image. To edit the Facebook cover image, click the small camera icon at the bottom right of the cover image to choose a photo, upload a photo or create a slideshow.


How to Change Profile and Cover Images on Facebook Mobile


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On Facebook mobile, there will be a small blue add button in the bottom right-hand corner of the profile image on your page. Once you have clicked this, Facebook will give you the option to create a story, view your picture or choose a new picture. Click to ‘Choose new profile picture’ and upload a photo from your camera roll. To change the cover photo, click the pencil and ‘Edit’ button in the top left-hand corner.

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) Button on a Facebook Page

In recent years, Facebook added the call-to-action feature for business pages. This CTA displays as a bright blue button at the top of your Facebook page, allowing you to help visitors take a certain action by simply clicking the button. This feature is extremely helpful as it cuts the time it takes for page visitors to either contact you or follow a link to a website of your choice. Under the ‘Add a Button’ button in the top right-hand corner on the desktop, or ‘Create Action Button’ at the top of your business page on mobile, you can select the following action you’d like people to take on your page: 

• Follow your page
• View gift card
• Start an order
• Book now
• Call now
• Contact
• Send message
• Send WhatsApp message
• Send email
• Learn more
• Sign up
• Use app
• Play game
• Watch video
• Shop now

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These options give virtually any business manager the opportunity to capture new customers. Choose the action that could help your business and marketing goals the most. If you are selling clothes, for example, you may want to select the ‘Shop Now’ action to make it easier for customers to view your collection. Alternatively, if your business is an app, you can take page visitors straight to your app on their smartphone’s app store. You could also try out a range of CTA actions to find out which works best for your business! 


Applying Age Restrictions to Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook’s age restriction feature is ideal for businesses advertising alcohol, tobacco or anything else that should not be shown to under 18s. Facebook allows you to show your page to:

• The general public
• People 17 and over
• People 18 and over
• People 19 and over
• People 20 and over
• People 21 and over


age restrictions on Facebook

If you would like to add age restrictions to your page, you can do so by heading to the ‘General’ tab under ‘Settings’ on your desktop.


How to Update or Manage Page Roles on Facebook

Many Facebook page owners find themselves having to update and manage page roles as people join or leave the business. There are five different roles that you can add on Facebook;

• Admin
• Editor
• Moderator
• Advertiser
• Analyst

You can only add people to your page roles if they have a personal Facebook account and will need to invite them which will send a notification to their account.


Accessing Page Roles on Desktop


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For Facebook desktop, make sure you are in your Facebook page and click ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the left hand menu. Once you are in settings, find the ‘Page Roles’ tab in the same left hand menu. Here you can assign a new page role, or edit existing page roles.

Accessing Page Roles on Mobile


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To access page settings on mobile, you will need to click the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page. Here you will find ‘Page Roles’ on the fifth row down. Although page roles on mobile are laid out differently to desktop, it allows you to make the same changes of adding a new person to the page or editing existing page roles.


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