Organic Social Media Strategy – All In One Guide

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Small Business, Strategy

With so many paid media methods integrated into the social media plans of successful brands from across the globe, organic social media strategy has been going through a rough patch lately.

While it was the primary source of growth and showed excellent outputs in the beginning years of social media, many businesses are struggling to make things work organically in recent times.

With the alarming fact of organic reach drowning to as low as 2%, most businesses are assuming organic social strategy is dead with the latest updates and algorithms. However, the truth is that organic is not over and still has great potential to grow your brands.

What has changed is that the competition has majorly increased, and to make your organic social media strategy work – you have to outperform as a brand.

We’ve got your back if you’re unsure how to do that! This blog post talks about organic social strategies at length, describes what it is and how it still has the potential to take your brand towards incredible heights!

But first, let’s dig deep into what an organic social media strategy is. 

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What Is An Organic Social Media Strategy? 

An organic social media strategy could be an aesthetically designed plan for promoting your brand via organic means. It can involve the publishing of all kinds of content, such as text, graphics, videos, and so on, that can help engage the target audience without any investment.

When you post on your social media platforms without investing in paid social media ads, there are specific categories of people whom you can reach and engage with your content. They include –

  • A slight percentage of your followers (people who’ve either liked or followed your business account)
  • The followers of your followers ( they can only be reached if your followers engage with your content or share the content on their feeds)
  • People who might be following the hashtags you’ve used in your posts and content

While this sounds very simple and appears you can reach a significant number via your organic social media content, the truth is otherwise.

The algorithms and updates on social media platforms have made it difficult to reach a relevant audience without a paid social media strategy.

However, you can still use your strategy to build a brand voice, build connections with your target audience and nurture that connection by creating and publishing righteous content across your social media platforms.

The best practices successful brands from across the globe employ for making the best use of their organic social media marketing strategies can be listed as follows –

  • Build a brand voice and personality via posting consistent content
  • Build a connection with the target audience via posting informational yet engaging content that can make the audience feel related
  • Engage consumers in their content in the best possible ways
  • Provide 24/7 customer support and make sure none of them goes without proper assistance at any point in time.
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What Are The Benefits of an Organic Social Media Strategy? 

Now that you’re familiar with what an organic social media strategy is and how successful brands from around the globe are making the best use of it let’s dig into the benefits of an organic social media strategy.

An organic strategy is usually the most significant part of your overall social media strategy since it puts down the foundation of your connection with the target audience.

While traditional marketing was an effective tool for many businesses, it never provided them with an opportunity to communicate with their audience in a two-way manner.

The advent of social media and digitalization has made it possible and transformed brand-centric marketing tactics into a consumer-centric social media marketing strategy.

Establishing a solid social media presence of your brand allows you to communicate with the target audience and make them relate to your products and services at a very different level. It offers you not only a marketing opportunity but also a means of knowing the insight of your audience at a much deeper level.

Here’s the list of excellent benefits you can reap with a well-crafted and executed organic social media strategy –

  • It allows you to share your brand’s story and voice with a broader audience for absolutely free
  • It will enable you to build a unique personality and positioning of your brand
  • It allows you to create an in-depth connection with your social media users via the opportunity of sharing inspiring, engaging, informational, and relatable content
  • It allows you to understand your audience better and get an idea of their preferences and choices at a deeper level
  • It enables you to assist your customers with instant messaging and responses
  • It enables you to become a leading member of the community that comprises your target audience and existing customers
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Top Tips for Creating an Effective Organic Social Media Strategy 

While many businesses are presuming organic is dead, you can still make the most of an organic social media strategy by rightly planning the content and execution.

Here’s how you can create the best effective organic social media strategies in 2022 –

  • Know which social media platforms can best work for your brand
  • Make yourself easily accessible to the customers on social media
  • Organise your content and execution in a monthly calendar
  • Integrate the 80/20 rule in your organic social media plan
  • Become an active member of the relevant groups and communities
  • Keep track of your performance and optimise

Let’s take an in-depth look at all these tips for creating an effective organic social media strategy and get the hang of it!

Know Your Social Media Platforms

Before you begin working on an organic social media strategy, you must know which platforms can work best for your brand.

Since you’d already know your target audience and customers when starting up with an organic strategy, the best way to find your brand’s best-performing social media platforms is to see where your target audience and customers are most effective.

While there are a ton of popular social media platforms these days helping businesses succeed, you don’t have to invest energy and resources in each of them.

Let’s say you’re a B2B service provider and wondering which platforms could best work for you – LinkedIn and Twitter could be your ultimate destinations.

However, a home-based food business shall always go for Facebook and Instagram when planning its organic social media strategy.

Wondering how to determine that? There are many ways to know what platforms are being actively used by your target audience.

First, you can check out your competitors’ presence and activity. If that doesn’t help you determine, you can conduct a customer survey via email or track the demographics of your target customers and audience.

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Be Easily Accessible on Social Media

A significant mistake you can make on social media as a business is to have different and complex names on various platforms.

The key to making your brand easily accessible on social media is to use your exact brand name as your username across all the active platforms and carry a uniform logo as your display pictures.

Also, you can link your social media platforms with each other and add a link to your social media pages on the website. This can help drive your website traffic to the social media pages and maximize your traffic, following, and engagement on social media.

If a customer has visited your website to purchase any product or service and has queries, easy access to your social media pages would make it easier for them to communicate with your representatives and resolve the queries.

While most websites offer live chat support these days, consumers are more likely to prefer communicating with your representatives on a social media platform than on the website.

Organise Your Content & Execution in a Monthly Calendar

Randomly posting content on your social media platform is the worst you can do to your presence and image.

The best way is to organize your entire stuff into a monthly content calendar. You can add all your Creatives, captions, visuals, and so on, along with the date and time of publishing in a calendar. It can help you keep an overview of your entire month’s planning and organize your content at a proper frequency.

Let’s say you have content divided into three categories, including brand awareness, information, and engagement – maintaining a content calendar would help you schedule them so that the categories do not overlap and that each of them gets a fair share of your social feeds throughout the month.

It can also help you prepare for upcoming festivals and events and create curiosity and engagement among the audience whenever you’re planning something big for publishing with the help of teasers, etc.

Integrate the 80/20 Rule in Your Organic Content Strategy

This is the best productive rule for any brand to follow and integrate into its organic strategy. It says to give informational and engaging content the 80% share of your news feed while only 20% to the promotional content.

Social media is different from your website. It should not be a medium for driving leads and sales, especially with your organic strategy.

Instead, your organic social media strategy should have the primary objective of building trust and connection with your customers and providing them with a platform where they can communicate their likes and dislikes without hassle.

Become an Active Member of the Relevant Groups & Communities

Top-notch social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer an excellent opportunity to meet and communicate with people with similar interests in the forms of groups and communities.

There are a ton of groups and communities having millions of followers from people having similar interests. As a brand, you must also become an active member of the groups and communities that relate to your products and services and possess a significant number of people who could be your customers and target audience.

Suppose you run a local restaurant – you should be an active member of all the food enthusiast groups and communities of your locality.

It can help you drive relevant traffic to your social media pages and keep track of your customers’ evolving choices and preferences. They can work as a social listening tool for you.


Keep Track of your Performance & Optimise

Last but not least, you must always keep track of your social media performance. Though tracking the progress of your organic social media strategy is more challenging than doing that for paid advertising, you can still monitor your posts in terms of their reach and engagement.

It can help you determine what kind of content is getting more engagement from your customers and audience. Thus, you can further optimise your content based on the data gathered and make more relevant and relatable content for your followers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the right ways to kick start an effective organic social media strategy, get started with yours and make the most of organic even when most businesses presume it as a dead strategy!

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