Social Media Audit


Review of existing Social Media efforts

  • What you need to start doing
  • What you need to stop doing
  • Where you need to be posting
  • What your competitors are doing
  • What actions will help you improve engagement


A social Media Audit helps you establish a baseline before you implement a new social media strategy. Using the Audit as a guide you will be able to create content that works for you and stop wasting time on platforms that aren’t right for your brand.

What Social Media Pages are currently being used and are they right for your business

  • Which of your platforms is currently producing the most engaging content?
  • Are all the about us sections completed and optimised?
  • Are all your Social Medial pages connected to each other?
  • Are all your Social Media Pages a reflection of your brand and in line with your Website?
  • Follower count for each platform
  • Response time and what this means (Facebook only)
  • Brand consistency and tone
  • A priority matrix for you to complete


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