Social Media Management

As your digital marketing partner, we are here to help you reach your goals. We take the time to get to know you, your brand, and how you want to use social media.

Social Media Management Services

feedalpha provides social media marketing services for businesses looking to grow their online presence. Our team are committed to providing the best customer experience possible – a goal we achieve by creating quality content and helping you generate leads.

Service can include but are not limited to:

  • Social media profile set up
  • Social media Audits
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Social Media Ads
  • Content creation- blogs and social media posts
  • Content management across various social media platforms
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Consultation Calls
  • Social Media Tool

Why Outsource?

Social Media Management for your business.

As a small business, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing. 

There are also many factors that hold you back: 

  • Content creation is time-consuming and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed when trying to post to different platforms. 
  • The social media landscape changes all the time. As a business owner, you may not have time to keep up with the latest changes in platforms, new trends or even new platforms. Having a Social Media Management team can help you keep up to date.
  • You may also be held back by not developing a social media strategy that fits the unique characteristics of each platform.
  • Being overwhelmed with facts and figures but not really knowing if your content is working. We can simplify these and ensure you are seeing the most important statistics.

When you sign up for social media management with us, we want to make sure it is customised to your specific needs. In the first step of our process, we plan a discovery call to understand your goals and your brand.

Once we have completed this, we will create a strategy that is tailored to your needs.

How It Works

Initial Consultation

Your marketing strategy will only be successful if you know exactly what you want to achieve. Goals such as building brand awareness or gaining social media followers are great. We want to go deeper and find out what will help your business grow. During our Initial Social Media Consultation, we will discuss these goals and how they may look in future campaigns. We also want to take the time to get to know you and your brand so we can create the best content to reflect who you are and what you do.

Content Creation

Our Social Media Management team will then get started on your content! This is the fun part for us! We will take the time to create content that will resonant with your target audience and includes relevant calls to action.

Once the content has been created we will send it to you for approval.

Getting It Out There

Once the content has been approved by you we will schedule it using our scheduling tool!

Content will be scheduled at suitable times, based on past insights from your social media accounts. 

If you choose to schedule your own content you will have access to our social management software.

Review & Report

Our social media management team will monitor your account on a regular basis and provide you with a report at the end of the month. The social media report will show you key insights, growth and plans going forward. All our reports will be provided in an easy to digest format, with no buzz words just facts and figures you can understand.


So what about Social Media Engagement? This is such an important part of any social media campaign! We have found for small businesses this works better if the client does it themselves! Why? Well, you know your brand better than anyone else. You can reply to people in a way that reflects your brand voice better than anyone else out there.

Extra Resources

We will provide you with a best practice guide for improving social media engagement. We will also show you how to set up time-saving tools that are available on Facebook and Instagram like quick replies, away messages and FAQs. You will also be kept up to date with all upcoming FREE social media training.

Which Platform is for You?

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Awareness, Consideration and Sales content.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. It has more than 2.5 billion active users, and it’s also one of the most versatile platforms available. Facebook is an excellent choice for marketing your business on social media – you can find a wide variety of users who are of different ages and genders.

Facebook is a great platform for reaching private customers (B2C) rather than connecting with other businesses (B2B).

Most Common Age Range: 25 to 34-year olds

Instagram is owned by Facebook but originally became very popular in 2012 because of its focus on photo sharing. The app is currently the second most popular social media platform and has many features such as IGTV and shopping, among others. If you’re looking for a good way to engage with private customers, Instagram is recommended.

Compared to Facebook, Instagram captures a  younger audience, which makes it ideal for a company looking to target their online advertising to a younger demographic.

Most Common Age Range: 18 to 29-year olds


Twitter is a popular site people visit to get information, but it’s also different from other platforms because it encourages text-based posts, which is not very common among social media sites.

Twitter is a great place for B2B marketing and allows businesses to stay up to date with industry news, politics, trending hashtags and more.

Most Common Age Range: 30 to 49-year olds


LinkedIn is a B2B platform and a great tool for businesses to find commercial customers. If you’re looking to make business connections, find qualified candidates, or market your company, LinkedIn is the best place to start.

Most Common Age Range: 25 to 35-year olds


So you want to be creative and trend-setting with your social media strategy? TikTok is the perfect platform for that! In this social media age, businesses have been able to use TikTok as a way to go viral and the platform is ideal for brands that rank high with their videos and a relaxed vibe.

TikTok is for B2C marketing.

Most Common Age Range: 18 to 29-year olds

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