User Guide

Welcome to Feealpha. This platform was designed to be very easy to use and once you get things set up there should be no stopping you!!

Getting Started

When you log in the first time you need to connect your Social Media accounts. Click on the Accounts tag and connect your required Accounts.

You can connect up to 9 accounts simultaneously and these can be a mix of Twitter, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn Profiles.  Authentication is managed directly by the platform providers.

If you are already logged in to Facebook, for example, it will connect directly to your account and show you the pages you manage. Just click on the required page and away you go.

Dashboard Page

Once you have connected your accounts head over to the Dashboard page. This is the default page for the platform and gives you access to all the features.

There are two main options on this page.  First is ‘Create New Post’. This can be an update or a link from your own content or just a general update for any of your accounts.

You can upload images or videos to a new post and publish or schedule the update for later.

Secondly, there is a search box where you can search by keywords for trending and popular updates from across the world. This is great for industry-specific engaging content to share with your followers or customers.

New Post Update

If you click on the new post button on the dashboard page you are met with the following screen:

When you have entered your update or uploaded your image or video you can select which of your connected accounts the update should be posted to. Share to one or many at the same time to keep all your profiles up to date. The highlighted profiles are the accounts  that the post will share to.

Scheduling Posts & Updates

One of the great features of Feedalpha is the ability to schedule all your updates. You can line up a series of updates, company news or informational posts and images to publish on auto-pilot defined by your post schedule.

This is a huge time saver because you can schedule up to a month’s worth of updates across all platforms and then let it run.

If you have a company event or news coming up you can prepare everything in advance and let the schedule send out the updates at exactly the right time.

Another great advantage of the scheduling functionality is if you work with overseas clients you can schedule the updates to suit their working hours and avoid having to log in to your Social Media accounts after hours to engage customers in different timezones.

Finding the Right Content

The biggest challenge with Social Media is finding the right content to share with your clients, customers and target audience. We are using some very smart technology to identify the most relevant content across the globe that we know will appeal to your customers.

You can search directly from the Dashboard page, based on keywords or business vertical. We have also provided a list of our most popular topics that gets updated daily with all the latest news and trending posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can I connect?

You can connect up to 9 accounts at the same time. These can be a mix of Facebook Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. These platforms were chosen first because they are the most popular with business customers. However, more platforms coming soon.

What about Security?

Feedalpha uses the standard security connection process from each of the Social Media platforms so nothing to worry about. We do not hold password information for any of your accounts and you can connect or disconnect accounts as required from within the account setup page.

Sometimes the images don't show up?

When you post a link to a site as an update the platform is designed to pull through the featured image of that page or post. If the website where you grab the link from doesn't have things setup correctly the image may not appear in the update. You can, however, upload an image yourself as part of the update.

How does Billing work ?

Nobody likes complicated billing so we have one plan that is billed monthly in advance. You can cancel at any time and there is no lock-in period. Payment processing is managed by Stripe secure payments. We hold no payment information ourselves whatsoever.

Why do I have to reconnect my accounts?

Each platform has a time limit on connected applications. For example, Facebook will ask you to reconnect your account every 30 days. Twitter has its own set of rules and if you overdo it on automatic updates without logging into twitter now and again they may lock your account temporarily. Just unlock your account and off you go again (This is not us - it does this for every platform out there...)

I have a different question?

No problem. Just use our chat box at the bottom right of the page and one of the support team will be back to you asap. If there is nobody online then drop us an email from within the chat box and we will come back to you as soon as we are back online. We don't get much sleep but need a few hours here and there 🙂