Businesses and consumers have been utilising Instagram, Facebook and more recently Twitter Stories and have seen a large increase in engagement thanks to their fun and interactive nature. Brands tend to be more authentic and casual when it comes to sharing content on their Stories and this is likely due to their 24-hour lifespan.

LinkedIn has joined the hype and added Stories to their mobile app. As with each other Social Media platform, LinkedIn Stories only last for up to 24-hours and the platform encourage users to ‘share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments’.


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As you’d expect if you utilise Stories on any of the other Social Media platforms, users can include text overlays, engagement driving stickers such as ‘Question Of The Day’ and ‘@’ mention accounts. There is also a selection of stickers available – although nothing close to what Instagram is offering.

Stories display in a full-screen format and are shown at the top of a user’s newsfeed. Stories are a fantastic tool for businesses to stand out from the noise of the feed and, even if only for a few seconds, exclusively capture the attention of their audience.

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Who Can Share LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories are available for both personal accounts and company pages. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has always been seen as a professional networking platform, and although it’s up to each user whether they share their content as a professional or as a brand, the content needs to be in keeping with the style and tone you’d expect to see on the LinkedIn platform.

That being said, Pete Davies – LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management – shared an article describing Stories as a ‘lightweight, fun way to share an update’. This suggests LinkedIn are looking to refresh their ‘Professional’ persona and appeal to audiences and industries of all types.

Employees in ‘real life’ enjoy a casual catch-up so perhaps there is room for this to be recreated via LinkedIn Stories – especially with an increase in colleagues working from home. However, even if there is an opportunity here for connections to engage with each other via Stories, is there scope for them in a B2B or B2C conversation on the platform?


LinkedIn Stories For Businesses

As above, businesses can choose to share stories from their LinkedIn company page, similar to Facebook. If you think this is a good opportunity for your businesses then here are seven Story ideas to get your creative content juices flowing.

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1. Behind The Scenes

Everyone loves a nosey so what better way to share a sneaky peek of what goes on behind the scenes, whether that’s production or day to day office life, to add some personality to your brand?

2. Product Updates

From tutorials to launches, the more you can get the word out about your products the better. Utilise Stories and their 24-hour lifespan to share product information more frequently than you might on the feed.

3. Thought Leadership

Don’t forget to use LinkedIn for what it’s designed to do – share your professional opinions with your connections or followers via Stories and showcase your industry knowledge.

4. Tips & Best Practices

Similar to the above, don’t forget LinkedIn is a business platform so don’t be afraid of sharing your insight and experiences with your audience to add value to their feed with a touch of self-promotion.

5. Real-Time Event Updates

Twitter was always the go-to Social Media platform when it came to events but now, with LinkedIn Stories, businesses can share content in real-time with a super relevant audience.

6. Meet The Team

Another great way to build brand personality and allow your audience to get to know the faces behind the business is by sharing meet the team posts. Stories are a fantastic place for this as you can make them more fun and creative than you might your standard LinkedIn content.

7. Vacancies

Another popular use for LinkedIn is to promote vacancies within a business and Stories (alongside the traditional posts and the free job listings feature) will help the message stand out more than on a busy newsfeed.

Remember – when trying new features on Social Media, it’s not always about just doing something because everyone else is. Different forms of content work best for different industries, target audiences and individual brands.

However, you won’t know until you try so if you believe LinkedIn Stories are going to add value to your business through improved connections and brand reputation, or you’re simply looking for something new, then you absolutely should be adding them to your marketing mix.


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