Simplify Your Social Media

Streamline your posts with our Smart Calendar, discover trends with our Content Feed, and enhance engagement with AI-driven Images, AI Captions, and AI Assistant.

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Social Media Transformed

Streamline your posts with our Smart Calendar, discover trends with our Content Feed, and enhance engagement with AI-driven Images, AI Captions, and AI Assistant.

Features our customers love

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Easily manage and post great content on all your social media platforms.


  • Easy Post Creation: See a live preview as you create.
  • AI Content: Quickly make fresh images and engaging posts.
  • Seamless Integrations: Use images from the Cloud, Canva, or Adobe Express.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Post now or schedule for later.
  • Unified Dashboard: Control everything from one simple interface.

Use AI to Reach Your Business Goals


  • Expert Assistant: Get help from AI specialists.
  • Smart AI: AI learns from your interactions.
  • Brand Consistency: Ensure AI follows your brand guidelines.
  • Content Creation: Easily create social media copy and images.
  • Continuous Improvement: AI evolves to offer better support.

Enjoy Easy Posting

  • Effortless Management: Quickly organize your content calendar.
  • Easy Repurposing: Reuse successful posts easily.
  • Quick Edits: Edit and reschedule posts with one click.
  • Fill Gaps: Create new posts directly in the calendar.
  • Flexible Filtering: Filter by platform, pause, delete, or change content smoothly.

Keep Your Social Media Fresh

  • Trending Content: Share relevant, trending posts.
  • AI Posts: Easily create great content with AI.
  • Seamless Scheduling: Schedule Canva and Adobe Express content directly.
  • Automated Blog Posts: Auto-post from your blog or favorite RSS feeds.
  • Inform Your Audience: Keep customers updated with automated posts.

Gain an Edge with Easy Analytics

  • Best Posting Times: Find the optimal times to schedule posts.
  • Impact Analysis: Discover the most effective times for your posts.
  • Impressions by Time: See when your posts get the most views.
  • Content Performance: Identify which posts perform best.
  • Customer Activity: Track when your customers are active.
  • AI Insights: Get patterns and insights from AI to optimize your posts.

Boost Team Productivity

  • Shared Calendar: Plan content together easily.
  • Easy Approvals: Approve posts quickly with chat-based, one-click approvals.
  • Feature Management: Control access to features effortlessly.
  • Client Collaboration: Work with clients for content approval before posting.
  • Multi-Account Management: Manage multiple accounts to keep everything on brand and approved.

Features our customers love

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Post Composer

We make it easy to post great content to all your social media accounts.

  • With our composer you can build out content with a live preview
  • Use AI to generate fresh images and create new content to post
  • Import images from the Cloud or use the Canva and Adobe Express integrations to design something special
  • Post now to multiple accounts or schedule for later
  • All within a single dashboard

We have a number of AI specialists who can help with your business goals, or use your dedicated AI who learns from you constantly.

  • Upload your brand and company guidelines to make sure the AI is always on point
  • Use it to generate great copy for your social media posts, or a really cool image to share
  • Your AI is constantly learning from you and is always on hand to provide guidance and expertise

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and embrace the simplicity of streamlined posting.

  • Quickly review your content calendar and make sure posts are organized and ready to go
  • When you post something that is a hit, everybody wins. We make it really easy to repurpose published content
  • Need to make a quick change to a scheduled post? Just click edit and away you go. Change the content and the date in seconds
  • See a gap. No problem – you can create a new post directly in the calendar
  • Filter views by Platform, Pause, Delete and Change content in seconds

Keep your social media feeds fresh and engaging.

  • Feedalpha provides you with relevant and trending content ready to share
  • Use our innovative AI to help craft great content for your next social media post. Give it some pointers and watch the magic happen
  • Schedule your Canva & Adobe Express content directly into your Calendar
  • Add a link to your own Blog or favorite RSS feed and post on auto-pilot. Great for keeping customers informed

Gain a competitive edge with easy-to-follow analytics, helping you to refine and enhance your social media strategy

We do the maths for you! See when is the best time to schedule your post based on previous engagement.

  • Check what time your post has the most impact
  • Check impressions by time of day
  • Check what type of post works best for you
  • Check when your customers are most active

Our AI is also checking for patterns, learning from you and monitoring analytics to give you insight into what works best, and when.


Boost team productivity and smooth out content creation with a shared calendar and easy approval system, making it simpler to work together and create great content.

  • Chat based approvals with a one-click process, ensuring swift, clear communication and compliance with standards before publication
  • Easy management of features to control and streamline access
  • Agencies use team collaboration to work with clients on content sign-off before posting
  • Company teams can manage multiple accounts across staff and external agencies to make sure everything stays on brand and is approved before its posted

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We have been using Feedalpha for many months and we are delighted with the platform and how easy it is to use. In terms of scheduling tools, This is a must have and a #1 versus others on the market.


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