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Elevating Educational Outreach with feedalpha

The education sector thrives on effective communication. Course offerings, event announcements, and testimonials play a big role in attracting and retaining students.

For one educational provider, managing a large amount of content required for diverse audiences was proving to be a time-consuming task. This is when they turned to feedalpha to streamline their social media content strategy.

Scheduling In Advance Saves Time

The institution had a broad spectrum of courses, each attracting a different set of audience demographics. It was crucial to consistently communicate course availability, share testimonials, and promote events across various social media platforms.

But, with an abundance of content to share and a diverse audience to cater to, manual scheduling was proving to be inefficient and time-consuming.

The education provider started using feedalpha to schedule their core content for the entire school year. The automated scheduling feature provided a reliable solution to their content posting needs, ensuring consistent visibility for their various courses and events.


Clients Comments

Using feedalpha has truly simplified our social media processes. It’s wonderfully easy to schedule posts, find content, and share our articles. It’s like having an extra hand, gently guiding us in managing our diverse content needs. We’re reaching our audience more effectively and consistently, and that’s made all the difference.

The Right Content, The Right Time

The content feed feature became a “loved” feature by the team. The education provider could tap into a diverse range of content from different sectors, perfectly suited for their varied audience base. This feature significantly reduced the time spent on content discovery, making the process far more efficient.

Moreover, feedalpha’s ability to add custom RSS feeds allowed the institution to share its own articles faster. They could directly link their website’s RSS feed, ensuring their latest news and updates were ready to be shared with their audience swiftly. This boosted their content-sharing capabilities, keeping their audience well-informed about the latest happenings.

One Post To Send To All

With feedalpha, the educational provider could efficiently manage their diverse content needs, maintain a consistent presence across various social media platforms, and engage their varied audience more effectively. The results were clear – feedalpha had significantly enhanced their social media management, saving time and boosting their outreach efforts.

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Team feedalpha

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