Case Study Social Media Manager

Transforming Social Media Management with feedalpha

In the fast-paced world of social media management, efficiency and organization are the cornerstones of success. A single manager often juggles multiple clients, each with unique needs, objectives, and audience demographics across a variety of platforms.

Our case study looks at a dedicated social media manager, who faced these challenges head-on as they coordinated the online presence of four local businesses.

A Leap Into Automation

Each client had a diverse mix of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Before discovering feedalpha, this manager relied on a rather time-consuming method for content scheduling and approval. They used Trello boards for organizing posts and seeking approval from their clients, followed by manual scheduling on respective social media platforms. It was clear that a better solution was needed – and that’s when they found feedalpha.

Deciding to try something new, the social media manager encouraged their clients to set up individual feedalpha accounts, adding the manager as an editor. This move represented a major turning point in their workflow.

With feedalpha, they could now schedule their client’s content within the platform itself, where it could be easily reviewed and approved by the clients. The days of disorganized email threads and scattered feedback were over. feedalpha’s built-in comments feature provided a central location for all notes and feedback on each post, significantly streamlining the revision process.

Fewer Notifications, More Smiles!

But feedalpha’s benefits didn’t stop at scheduling and approval. Its innovative features tackled several other pain points in the social media management process.

One such feature allowed the creation of a post to be shared across all of a client’s social media profiles, eliminating the tedious task of separate scheduling for each platform. Interestingly, the manager didn’t even need to be an admin on their clients’ social media pages, further simplifying the process (and the number of notifications on their phone!).

Moreover, feedalpha’s import content feature was a true game-changer. It eliminated the time-consuming task of crafting unique social media posts from scratch. By inputting a client’s website URL, the tool would automatically generate three distinct social media posts based on the site’s content, even pulling in their images.


Clients Comments

Before feedalpha, managing social media for multiple clients felt like a never-ending juggle of platforms and emails. But now, it’s like I’ve found my control center – everything I need is in one place. It’s not only saved me hours each week, but it’s elevated the quality of my work. Plus, with the time I’m saving, I can even think about expanding my client base!


Canva=Social Media Managers Favourite tool!

When it came to design needs, feedalpha’s integration with Canva proved invaluable. It connected seamlessly to the manager’s personal Canva account, providing easy access to existing projects, images, and the ability to create fresh designs. All this was possible within the feedalpha environment, further enhancing workflow efficiency.

The content feed feature was another major highlight for the clients using LinkedIn and Twitter. It allowed for the easy discovery and sharing of new articles and blogs from thought leaders in the clients’ sectors, ensuring their content remained relevant and engaging. This feature took the hassle out of content discovery and scheduling, all with a few clicks.

A Solution For Your Social Media Management

feedalpha proved to be a game-changer for this social media manager. It transformed a previously labour-intensive, multi-step process into a streamlined, efficient task. It not only saved hours of work each week but also improved the quality and consistency of the social media content.

The manager could now consider expanding their client base, an option previously not possible due to time constraints.

In conclusion, the transition to feedalpha was a resounding success for this social media manager. They transformed a complex, multi-platform task into an organized, efficient, and even enjoyable process. The lessons from this case study are clear: integrating feedalpha into social media strategies can improve the way managers and businesses improve their online presence.

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