Are you looking for a

Social Media Scheduling Tool?

feedalpha is a platform that will help to:

  • Boost your social media engagement
  • Schedule your content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Provide you with a feed of content to share with your audience

How our content feeds work

Are you spending time searching for interesting articles or news stories to share with your audience?

Save time with feedalpha! We have a stream of trending and breaking stories available for you to schedule or share to your social media channels.

Be first with the latest and trending news articles

Our App updates its feed of content every day so you always have something new to share

Choose articles and content that work for your business

Post Variations

Our main focus as a social media scheduling tool is to make content creation easier for our users.

This new feature allows you to create 3 pieces of social media content from a website link!

Simply click import content, enter your URL and let the magic happen.

Connecting your Social Media Accounts

Adding Accounts

The first time you log into feedalpha, you need to connect your Social Media accounts. Click on the Accounts button and hit connect.

Account Authentication

Connect up to 9 accounts simultaneously. These can be a mix of Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram and LinkedIn Profiles & Pages. Secure authentication is managed directly by the platform providers.

Finding & Adding Great Content

Trending Content

We have feeds of trending content designed to engage your audience. We use AI to identify content in your industry from around the world.

Custom Content Feeds

Build your own custom feed. Just click the ‘My Feed’ tab and start adding in your keywords. This will provide you with relevant trending content specific to your market.