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Streamlining Social Media Management at a Recruitment Agency in Dublin, Ireland

In early 2022, a recruitment agency based in Dublin, Ireland, was faced with the challenge of managing their social media efforts effectively. They were spending an excessive amount of time searching for relevant industry content to share and manually posting numerous job posts on LinkedIn. Their process was proving inefficient until they discovered feedalpha.

Taking the time out of finding great content

Once they started using feedalpha, they saw immediate changes. The content feed feature of feedalpha reduced the time spent on content curation. Instead of manually trawling the internet for sector-specific content, feedalpha curated a list of top industry articles, thought leadership pieces, and relevant news updates directly on the content feed.

This new approach saved the agency significant time each week and ensured they consistently posted engaging and industry-specific content on their LinkedIn profiles.

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Streamlined scheduling on a visual calendar.

The agency also made full use of feedalpha’s social media scheduling tool, which enabled them to plan, schedule, and track their LinkedIn posts from one platform. This feature streamlined their process, reduced the possibility of oversight, and ensured a regular online presence.

The visual calendar made it easy for the team to see how their posts would look on social media and allowed them to easily visualise their strategy.


Clients Comments

“feedalpha has been a game-changer for our agency. Its smart features have simplified our content sourcing and social media scheduling, saving us valuable time. But the real difference-maker has been the approval workflow; it’s streamlined our job posting process and allowed us to focus more on strategic tasks. We’re grateful for the positive impact feedalpha has had on our operations.”


Improved Team Collaboration

However, the biggest transformation came with the implementation of feedalpha’s approval workflow feature.

Prior to feedalpha, the job posting process was complicated and time-consuming, with agents emailing job posts to the admin for manual posting.

feedalpha changed this process by enabling agents to add job posts directly to the scheduling tool. The admin could then review and approve these posts from the same platform, eliminating the inefficient back-and-forths and reducing the time spent on the process by over 50%.

More Focus on Strategic Tasks

The introduction of feedalpha to this recruitment agency resulted in enhanced efficiency, considerable time savings, and allowed the team to focus more on strategic tasks such as talent acquisition and relationship building. By using feedalpha, they transformed their LinkedIn social media management, boosted their online presence, and experienced a positive impact on their recruitment outcomes.

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