Social Media Content

Creative content tailored for your business, to save you time and increase engagement online.

Social Media Content

Creative content tailored for your business, to save you time and increase engagement online.

Getting Your Content Right On Social Media



Your Social Media platforms are an extension of your business.  Therefore they need to be managed in the same way you would your shop or website. Social Media may be the first place new customers experience your brand, so you must make an excellent first impression.



Balancing your content to cover each area of your business is a delicate job. You need to promote your products and services, and also build up your brand awareness and reputation. Sharing the right content in each of these areas will improve your engagement online and make your business stand out from the competition.



When creating a Social Media Content Plan, you must include different types of content to keep your audience engaged and listening. We’ve broken it down into three areas: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. It’s essentially the Social Media Customer Journey. We help you plan your content for each area.


feedalpha Platform

The feedalpha platform helps you find and schedule great social media content, saving you precious time.

feedalpha allows you to tailor your content feeds for different audiences, with up to 9 different social accounts connected to your Dashboard. These accounts can be a mix of Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles and Pages.


RSS Feed

RSS feeds are a way to easily share a list of headlines, update notices, and content to a large number of people. With RSS feed functionality, you can add feeds from your own blog or some of your favourite publishers. So when you log in to feedalpha your blog posts are there ready to share. Time saved!

Social Media Copy

Social media copy will add context, show off your brand’s products and personality.

Most importantly it will encourage your audience to take action.

We will craft copy that suits your brand – whether it be to entertain, increase engagement, or drive visitors to your site.


Having a well optimised blog will improve your organic reach and increase visits to your website.

A blog with great content helps you create even more great content for your social media posts.

Our team of blog writers are experts in keyword research and understand how to write content for many sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Awareness, Consideration and Sales content.

What type of content should I post on social media?

Awareness, Consideration and Sales content.

What is Awareness Content?

Awareness content can be broken down into three sections: Educate, Inspire and Entertain. All with the objective to raise awareness of you as well as your products or services.

What type of posts Educate my audience?

Use Social Media to share educational posts around what you sell, or your services, and why your audience needs it. Furthermore, you will know your industry better than most, especially your customers. By sharing informative and educational posts across your Social Media, you will show your potential and existing customers just how knowledgeable you are and why they should choose your business over anyone else. 

What type of posts Inspire my audience?

Posts that show your story or how you have grown your business. You can also use content from other inspirational people here- Quote images, news stories etc.

How can I Entertain my audience?

Don’t be afraid to show some funny behind the scenes content from your stores or offices. Featuring you and your team at work will help put a face to the brand and allow the audience to connect with you. Telling your story through a series of post will help build rapport with your spectators and, hopefully, lead to repeat customers.

How can feedalpha help with Awareness posts?

With our app we have a constant feed of great articles and news stories from the web making it easy for you to share these stories with your followers.
The RSS feed makes it easier for you to share your own awesome blogs.
We have a bank of great quote images from every sector available for you to use.

We can create posts and images to help you promote your blog or other information about your business.

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What are consideration posts?

With stage one of awareness content complete, you will need to bring your audience closer to committing to purchase. By switching technique to consideration content, you can show your audience what it is you do and why you are so good at it. 

For example, do you have any accreditations, or perhaps you’ve won an award within your industry? Don’t be shy; share the good news with your followers! What’s more, it’s easier to trust a brand if you know others do too, so share reviews and testimonials from your existing or previous clients across your Social Media. 

How can feedalpha help with consideration posts?

We can help you create tailored images to showcase your results, awards and reviews.

What is Sales Content ?

Sales content is used to inform your audience of what you sell, the benefits of your products and services and where you sell your awesome products or services, whether that’s online or instore. If your products are available from several places, then perhaps do one post explaining this, then a series of additional updates going into more detail of where and when a customer can purchase. 


How can feedalpha help with Sales Content?

We can tailor images to show your services or products. We can also tailor images for any sales or promotions you have ensuring your branding is consistent while getting your message across to your audience.
Create captions with a clear CTA to help improve your brand message.


Now I have all this content what should I do?

Analyse & Adapt

If you don’t see an improvement in your engagement or conversions straight away, then don’t give up. Social Media is constantly evolving, as are your customers, so it may take some time to get your content right. Social Media platforms will all have metrics which will allow you to monitor what content your audience is responding to best, and you can then use this insight to tailor your content going forwards.

It’s important to understand that we’re not suggesting you do each stage one by one and then start the cycle again, you must mix each phase into a comprehensive content plan. You could even use this concept to map out other areas of your marketing, such as Email Campaigns.
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Break it down and keep it as a blog post