Social Media made easy.

feedalpha enables you to manage multiple social media accounts faster and more efficiently. Simple and easy to use, so you can spend more time talking to your customers.

Search, Schedule and Share from one platform!

Schedule content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


View & manage all your social content in one place.


Create engaging posts for every social network.


Turn your website into a content machine! This feature allows you to create 3 pieces of social media content from a website link!

search content for social media


Search 1000s of trending articles from around the world and share with your followers.


Keep your social media working 24/7 while you get back to running your business!



Social posting made easy, so you can focus on running your business.

Easy-to-use scheduler & planner with drag-and-drop

Trending content feed to help publish relevant content

Post variations lets you generate 3 posts from 1 URL

No posting limits and unlimited scheduling

" I absolutely love Feedalpha! I work on a freelance basis and my clients' content needs differ drastically. Feedalpha really takes the hassle out trawling for good content. Plus it's very user friendly and cost effective!"

– Katerina Dillon

Feed your Followers

You don’t have to be a social media expert to generate business on social media

We give you the content and tell you the best time to post it.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Automation Tool?

Social media platforms are a marketing pillar these days – if a business wants to be successful, having a social media presence is a must.

However, as a business owner, you might not have enough time to deal with social media management yourself – especially if you’re fairly new and don’t have employees yet. That’s where social media automation tools such as feedalpha come into play.

First of all, they allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from within one platform. There is a number of social media platforms available today – Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest are just a few of them.

And let’s be honest – managing a profile on each of those social platforms would be very time-consuming, especially if you also have to come up with content for them. With social media automation tools, all you need for the successful management of multiple accounts are in one place.

The second thing, which is slightly connected with the first one, is that social media tools save you a lot of time. Thanks to social media automation tools, you don’t need to stress about content curation – it will be taken care of it for you!

No Idea? No Problem!

Do you want to start posting on social media regularly but have no idea what your audience would enjoy?

With Feedalpha, you don’t have to take on that challenge yourself. We have an extensive content ideas page adapted to different niches so that your social media posts can be exactly what your followers might be interested in.

Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, a yoga instructor, or someone else, you will find plenty of things to create content about.

No Time for Regular Posting? Schedule Posts Beforehand!

Owning a business is not an easy task, and it often requires working around the clock. With all that madness, it might be hard to find time to sit down regularly and post to several social media channels.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could just dedicate a few hours a month to the content creation of your social posts without the need to repeat it until the following month? Well, thanks to the social media scheduling feature of most social media automation tools, that is very much possible.

Automate social media posts with our social media scheduling tool and create a social media calendar for different platforms in one session.

Take a Look at Your Competition

Aside from post-scheduling, our social media planner can also be used as a social media analytics tool – take a look at your competitors, see where they succeed and where their strategy might be lacking, using it as a chance to see what you can do to rise above them.

New to Social Media? Come and Learn!

At feedalpha, when you decide to partner with us for your social media marketing campaigns, you will not only receive access to our professional services but also gain access to our academy.

Social Media Strategy Adapted to the Platform

Every social media platform is different, which means that you need to adjust your strategy to the social media you want to use. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – all of them require focusing on different things.

feedalpha is a social media marketing agency with years of experience managing clients’ accounts on several social media platforms. Thanks to the knowledge we gained during that time, we can create social media campaigns that will bring the most to your business.