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How feedalpha Helps this Health Company keep its Social Media Marketing in Shape

Unable to find the time to manually plan and publish content for her health and wellness company’s social networks, this entrepreneur turned to feedalpha.

No one ever said that being an entrepreneur is easy.

When you see a successful business owner online or on the news, what you don’t see is all the work they put in to get there. Even the smallest startup typically requires an immense time commitment, and that’s just for the day-to-day. Marketing and social outreach are an entirely different beast — one that many find impossible to overcome. 

Discover how the owner of this health and wellness company used feedalpha to help her streamline content management across multiple social networks, ensuring she spends less time planning and more time interacting with customers. 

Too Many Channels. Not Enough Time

The problem wasn’t that the company lacked a strategy. The owner had already established a presence for her brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. She already had an idea of the most effective uses for each channel. 

With Facebook and Instagram, she’d share health tips while promoting her services and blog. On LinkedIn, she planned to share information about corporate packages with business clients. Finally, Twitter was for attending events and connecting with partners and prospects afterward. 


Clients Comments

“I knew what platforms I wanted to use and how I wanted to use them,” she explains. “The problem was that I just didn’t have enough time to do anything with my socials. I felt overwhelmed when it came to planning and creating content, so I just put it out of my mind.”

Quicker, Better, Smarter Socials

To help her more efficiently manage her social media channels and enable more efficient content creation, the business owner chose feedalpha. A powerful all-in-one social media automation tool, feedalpha allows a business to seamlessly manage all its social media channels from a single dashboard. In addition to scheduling and content curation, the platform can also be used to brainstorm content, assess competitors, and find trending posts and topics. 

The business owner can now easily create images directly within feedalpha, at which point she can immediately visualize and plan how that content should fit through Calendar View and Instagram Grid View. The LinkedIn and Twitter content feeds, meanwhile, provide the company with a real-time view of what’s happening in the health and wellness industry, simultaneously allowing the owner to stay up to date on industry trends while also finding popular articles to fill out any content gaps. 

Building Deeper Connections with Customers

By scheduling content, creating images within feedalpha, and using the platform’s content feed, the business has saved herself a great deal of time and effort. She’s also seen increased engagement on Instagram and Facebook, at least in part because she’s been consistently showing up. Twitter has also seen an uptick in engagement, with a particularly large boost coming from the articles the business owner discovered through feedalpha. 


Deeper Connections

“I would say I save probably five or more hours a month with my planning and content creation thanks to feedalpha,” says the business owner. “But the real benefit is that I have more time to actually talk to my customers online. I no longer need to choose between my social marketing strategy and managing my relationships with customers — feedalpha allows me to effortlessly accomplish both.” 
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