Social Media is a fantastic tool for any business to utilise and keep in touch with their customers.

As an Auctioneer, it’s essential to remember that your audience will be split by specific categories such as those looking to buy, sell or rent

Business Information

Buying a house, whether it’s for the first time or tenth, will always be stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s vital for any existing or potential customers to trust the Auctioneer that they are using entirely. Trust is built from brand awareness and exposure, and one great way of doing this is through business updates on Social Media. Tell your audience who you are, what you do (do you specialise in a specific area of the market?), how you can help them and where they will find you (branches or online only?).


What’s On The Market 

Be sure to frequently share what’s currently available to buyers across your Social Media to help make their house search as easy as possible. Consider any exciting features or unique aspects to each property and highlight them in your updates. Remember to link to the listing on your website where possible with a call to action on how to book a viewing. 


Top Tips When Selling 

 The more helpful you are (and appear on Social Media), the higher the chances of people choosing you to help sell their property. Put together a series of helpful ‘top tips’ for how to list a property. Tips could include how to get the best photographs, how to choose a good removal company (are there any you can recommend?) and what to expect from a valuation.


Top Tips

Top Tips When Buying 

As above, your Social Media audience will likely be split by buyers, sellers and renters. As well as putting together top tips for sellers, think about what buyers would like to see. Tips for buyers could include what to look out for when viewing, how to start the mortgage process or even how to save money towards their deposit. You will have first-time buyers (and first-time sellers) turning to you for guidance so keep your content as jargon-free as possible.


Top Tips For Renters/Landlords

 Last but not least, what tips do you have for renters and landlords that you can add to your ‘Top Tip’ mix? These could be a combination of the buyer and sellers’ tips as it would be handy for landlords to know how to prepare their property for photographs and viewings while renters will be keen to know what to look for when they view.


Industry News 

Several factors influence the property market, such as the economy. Keep your audience up to date with what’s happening in the industry, and anywhere else that could impact the industry, to ensure they are in the loop. Helpful updates like this will help you gain a competitive advantage as a trusted and knowledgeable source.


Blog Posts and Articles 

Now that you have compiled several helpful tips for your various audiences consider turning them into blogs posts for your website. You can then share this as another form of content across your Social Media accounts. Blog Posts or Articles don’t have to be your own, if you see something interesting and relevant to your business and audience then share that too!



Customer Testimonials 

Positive feedback from existing customers will go a long way towards gaining the trust of those looking into whether they should use you or not. Share any customer testimonials across your Social channels to build excellent brand awareness and don’t be afraid to ask happy customers to provide some feedback.


Meet The Team

Customers will likely spend at least three months liaising back and forth with a member of your team, so it helps to put a face to a name! By posting ‘meet the team’ updates, you can sneak in some information regarding just how qualified they are too. Posting updates of the team and internal office/branch shots will also enable your potential customers to visit your branches with more confidence and a feel for what to expect when they arrive.

Charity Work 

Some Auctioneers will have a charity that they support with annual events and fundraising. If you have one, then think about utilising your Social Media channels to spread the word, thus increasing the charity’s exposure as well as building your brands reputation.

Don’t forget to continuously monitor your ‘insights’ on each platform to ensure you’re posting content that your audience is engaging with. Make all of your URL’s trackable where possible to monitor the activity across your website.

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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

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