Five Post Ideas For A Vet

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

The best way to achieve high levels of engagement on Social Media is to post a well-balanced mix of quality content. There is a middle ground to be found, especially for businesses such as Vets, between promotional/sales-driving content and general informative and engaging posts.

One of the best things about Vets posting to Social Media is they’re unlikely to have super strict brand guidelines to abide to and they definitely have photogenic clients…

Here are five easy post ideas to help pad out your content planners.

1. Meet The Team

Before you can expect potential customers to trust you with their precious pets, you will need to build a rapport. By sharing meet the team posts and outlining their years of experience you will begin to develop a level of trust but also add some personality to your feeds.

This can be done by feed posts, videos or even by going live so you can connect with customers in real-time and answer any questions they might have.

2. Appointment Times and Opening Hours

The easier is it to book an appointment, the more likely a potential customer is to do so. Therefore, by sharing your opening hours, appointment times and an easy channel of communication between yourself and customers, you’ll increase the chances of them choosing you over any local competitors.

If you have a preferred method of booking, for example, a phone call or on your website, then be sure to share this too and make it as easy as possible for the customer.

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3. Pet of the Week

As above, your clientele is what Social Media thrives on. With their owners’ permission, share cute pet of the week pics (or month – whatever is most manageable) to keep your audience engaged!

You could even encourage your followers to share snaps of their pets and start to build up a community of owners online.

4. Advice and How To Care for Pets

You’ll know more than most about how to properly care for pets, what they can or can’t eat, and anything owners should be aware of. Share this with your audience to keep them engaged in-between visits.

Not only will this help to drive interactions and start conversations with your followers, but it will also showcase your expertise and help towards the trust-building and rapport mentioned above.

5. Packages & Plans

Many Vets offer packages such as ‘Puppy Plans’ that include everything an owner needs for their little bestie at a discount rate. These may be annual or monthly payment plans too. Utilise Social Media to raise awareness of this product.

Don’t forget to send reminders to anyone on a plan when their next appointment is due. Although, this may be best done via a call, SMS or Email.

Social Listening

A huge part of Social Media is being able to join the conversation – whether you’ve been tagged or not! There are two sides to Social Listening, the first is monitoring your own Social Media channels for comments, shares or tweets. The second is monitoring relevant conversations between others that you can contribute to.

By being active on Social yourself, you will encourage your audience to engage back with you and help spread your brand awareness to a new, conquest audience. This will also help keep you front of mind for any Veterinary needs followers may have in the future.


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Scheduling Content

No matter what your industry, there are often days when there is just not enough time to get everything done. Unfortunately, posting to Social Media often quickly drops down the priority list.

With this in mind, by planning your content in advance and investing in a scheduling tool, you’re much more likely to ensure a consistent stream of quality content across your accounts.

Set some time aside each week or month to plan, proof and schedule your content in advance so that you only need to think about Social Listening and ad-hoc posts – such as Stories – day by day.

Review Results

Once you’re in the habit of posting regularly, you will be able to start identifying trends in your results. Social Media metrics such as reach, impressions and engagements will highlight which of your post topics or formats your audience is responding to so you can share more like this in the future.

If you’re ever truly stuck for ideas then consider asking your audience what they’d like to see more of. This can be done in person, by encouraging them to comment on your posts or via a Q&A box on Instagram Stories, for example.


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