10 Social Media Posts For a Beauty Brand

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Small Business

We’ve put together 10 Social Media post ideas to help get your creative ball rolling. Remember, your excellent copy should always be paired with great photography, so get some product imagery ready!

Company Overview

Think about the key information your existing and potential customers may wish to know about you and use this to create a series of Social Media posts. For example, who you are, including company background, business goals, meet the team and, of course, what you sell and any prices/promotions where appropriate.


You may think ‘where’ belongs above with ‘Company Overview’ but we’ve given it a separate section as it’s so important for customers to be able to easily find and buy your products, hence the need to share this information across Social Media. ‘Where’ could be on your website, in stores or through a subscription service. More often than not, beauty brands will be sold by different third-party companies, so be sure to educate your audience on every possible place to purchase, thus increasing sales opportunities and brand awareness.

Product Information

Sharing detailed product information is super important as there is a high chance your audience will be split by what matters most to them. Are they looking for Vegan products or perhaps something suitable for sensitive skin? You might want to do some market research starting with those who already follow you. Try creating Instagram or Facebook Polls to gather insight into what your audience cares about the most and tailor your content to suit as many people as possible. Alternatively, use your sales to influence your content and start by highlighting the key ingredients of your most popular products.

Unique Selling Points (USP)

The beauty market already has some big players to compete with so take some time to think about whether your business or products have any USP’s that could give you a competitive edge. Once you’ve identified these create a range of different social media updates, perhaps as infographics, blog posts or videos, and get the word out!

Blog Posts

If you’re updating your website with great content in the form of articles or blog posts (see above for inspo), then be sure to post these across your Social Media accounts too. Give your audience just enough insight into the blog post to get their attention and then link off to your website. Sharing blog posts will mix up the style of content you are publishing across your Social Media as well as driving web visits. Make all your links trackable where possible so you can review and analyse how much traffic you’re driving as well as what actions people are taking once they land on your site.

Beauty brand post ideas


You may need to access your marketing budget for this, but influencers are a great way of reaching a new, potentially larger, audience. Using an Influencer could mean them advertising your products on their platforms or you handing over access to your accounts for a ‘Social Media Takeover’. It’s essential to agree on a rough outline of what they will do and say before anything goes live to ensure you’re happy with everything and protect your brand reputation.

Customer Generated

Encourage your existing customers to post updates of them using and reviewing your products so that you can (with permission) share this across your Social Media accounts. There’s no better form of promotion than when someone is doing it for you! Consider introducing a company hashtag that customers can use to collect all of their posts in one place. Customer-generated content could also be encouraged as part of a competition. However, do check the policies and guidelines of each Social Media platform first!

Latest Trends

As well as being a fantastic tool for businesses and marketers, Social Media is a place to have fun and be current. Therefore, you need to keep in the loop with the latest trends, whether it’s a beauty trend or just the newest meme online. Updates like this will keep your content relevant, and your customers engaged.


Are any of your products seasonal? For example, products like sun cream will have higher demand during the summer months while heated face packs and moisturiser may be more of a priority when it gets colder. Use your industry and sales knowledge to influence your Social Media content to be as relevant as possible month by month and season by season.

Seasonal Social Posts


These could come from your Facebook Comments and Recommendations, Email or Google Reviews, for example. Don’t just keep them to yourself, spread the positive feedback across your Social Media to help potential customers trust your brand and chose you over a competitor. If you do find yourself receiving some ‘not so positive’ reviews, see them as constructive criticism and a chance to learn and adapt your business to keep your customers coming back.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your engagement levels and other metrics such as reach and impressions, this will help you post more of what your audience wants to see!

For more information on how to create a successful social media strategy you can read our blog:  How To Plan, Create and Schedule Social Media Content

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