8 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Strategy, feedalpha

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on 14th February. Thought to have originated in Roman times, Valentine’s Day has since grown and become extremely commercialised with more than 25 million cards being sent each year in the UK alone.

Although it’s not recognised as a public holiday, and most businesses will stick to their day to day duties, those in demand such as restaurants, gift shops and florists will likely be extremely busy.

So why not jump on the bandwagon and share some love?

Here are 8 ways to master Valentine’s Day Marketing For Small Businesses.


First things first, let’s set the mood. Whether they’re for an E-Card, your Social Media platforms or Website, get creative and introduce some V-Day inspired artwork to your marketing. It’s important to consider just how many brands will be competing with one another at this time of year so make sure your profiles and marketing messages stand out. You can stick to the typical pink and red theme of love or be creative and put your own spin on things. 


 Valentine’s Day Marketing For Small Businesses

Utilise your database and send your loyal customers a digital Valentine’s Day Card via email. This could be with a business update, a discount code or just a nice thank you note to make them feel special this time of year. This is a low-cost way of getting in front of your audience once again and you could even follow up with those who opened and engaged with the email.

Gift Guide

Would your products or services make a great gift? Perhaps you’d be willing to pair up with a few local businesses? Maximise the opportunity for exposure and create the ultimate gift guide for your customers. Add this to your website and include it in your Email and Social Media Marketing leading up to Valentine’s Day.

You could also encourage your customers to share their partners’ reactions if they’ve bought something from the guide! One piece of content, published as a Blog Post (for example), could easily be used to generate an Email, several Social Media posts and ultimately increase engagement. 

Last Minute Discounts

 Valentine’s Day Marketing For Small Businesses

It’s pretty safe to assume there will always be some last-minute shoppers out there. Even with the best intentions, sometimes life gets too hectic to be organised. Help them, and yourself, out with some last-minute discounts. You may wish to do a ‘flash sale’ across the days leading up to the 14th but remember to allow time for postage where necessary! 

Discount Codes 

Show your customers how much you care with a discount code for 14th February only. Encourage them to extend this to their friends and family to truly share the love. This could be done through an Email Campaign, Social Media Update, banner on your Website – or all three! Different audiences can be reached in different ways so be sure to get your message across as many platforms as possible to increase your exposure. Social Media on Valentine’s Day, and in the weeks leading up, is a great way to communicate with your customers.


Try running a competition across your Social Media platforms to celebrate all things love. Encourage your audience to ‘name the person they would share the prize with…’ to grow your Profile reach and following for some flowers or chocolates in return. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat on Valentine’s!


If you’re in the ‘love’ businesses and you find yourself working overtime for the first two weeks of February, then let your customers in on it. Share behind the scenes, pretty packaging and orders being processed to create a buzz for the big day whilst subtly marketing your brand and products.


Everybody loves a good rom-com, ask your customers how they met their significant other or, better yet, their worst experiences in the dating game! This is a great way to encourage organic engagement with your audiences and get to know them better. It’s a free and easy way to be topical and likeable. Remember, if you’re encouraging people to comment on your posts then you must respond.

 Although you may not wish to share your own love story, you could always share updates from HQ on the 14th. Do you or your employees exchange cards and gifts? Perhaps there are chocolates being passed around. Your customers would love to know how you’re spending the day if you’re asking them to tell you how they spend theirs!

Don’t Forget: Valentine’s Day is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Try not to alienate your ‘hate it’ customers by making your marketing too ‘lovey-dovey’ and remember that your market includes single people too. If you’re going to run a promotion then be sure to make it inclusive of everyone. 

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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

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