What should you post on Social Media?

Your Social Media content should be used as a free way of promoting your products or services, building your brand awareness and increasing engagement with your customers to encourage their loyalty.

There is a delicate balance between using these platforms to sell your products and services and genuinely having a fun, ‘social’ online community.

We get asked the following questions all the time:

  1. What should my business post on social media?
  2. How do you make effective social media posts?
  3. How do you write a good post on Facebook?
  4. Will Twitter work for my business?

Setting Content Goals

While looking at what to post on social media, it is so important that you establish goals so you know exactly what you want to gain from putting time and effort into creating and publishing content. There is a range of popular goals set out by digital marketers and business owners; these completely depend on your business needs.

Here are some popular content goals that you can reach by posting quality content, consistently.

Drive Website Traffic

Driving traffic to your website can be a great content goal to strive for because more website visitors means more interest in your business and an improvement in your search engine ranking. In order to drive more website traffic, you should ensure you are posting a call-to-action (CTA) in the captions of your social posts, with a link to your website. You can also add a link to your website at the top of your business page or profile. However, if your goal is to drive website traffic it is paramount that your website looks good and works fast because if it is slow or hard to navigate it can turn people away from your business, rather than generate more sales.

Driving website traffic is ideal for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts because top search engines like Google will recognise an increase in website traffic and are more likely to display your website higher up on the search engine results pages.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is a popular goal for small businesses that have recently created social media accounts or have been inactive previously. Getting your business name out and having more people know about you will increase your chances of gaining interest and sales. Posting engaging content on social media is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness because your social posts can land on your followers feeds, get shared and can also be boosted with paid ads.

Your social ‘reach’ is how many people your content could be seen by, while your ‘impressions’ are the number of times your content was actually viewed. Creating engaging content that adds something interesting to the lives of social users will be sure to help increase your brand awareness.

Improve Engagement

Getting more engagement on social media will not only drive more interest in your business but will mean that your content is sent out to more people, increasing the reach and impressions of future posts. This is what a social platform’s algorithm is for; it decides which content a user wants to see and is most likely to engage with. If your posts are gaining engagement, the algorithm is going to show them to more people.

Trying to push sales or tell people about your products constantly on your social media profiles can hinder engagement because realistically it’s not what people want to see when they are scrolling on social media. Many people use social media to find and share interesting content, so keep this in mind when planning your social media posts, this will help you get more engagement on your posts.

Generate New Leads

Generating new leads from your social content is possible and can be achieved with the right call to action. While planning what to post on social media you should think about your target audience and how your product/service can add to their lives. Creating quality content that people engage with will result in a competitive advantage, meaning that more people are likely to follow your business rather than another inactive one.

To generate new leads it is important to have something like a newsletter or website form that social followers can sign up to.

Where To Start

If you’re in charge of publishing to Social Media platforms, it’s strongly recommended that you plan in advance. If you set aside some time to put social media marketing strategy together at the start then you will find Social Media much easier to manage.

Planning and scheduling in advance will allow you more time day by day to engage and respond to customers, as well as everything else there is to do in your business! Having curated content created and scheduled to go out on your social media channels will reduce any stress on what to post on social media.

Start with an Excel Document, or perhaps use Google Sheets if multiple people need to access the planner, to lay out the plans for your social media posts.

List all of the days/dates in the month and highlight any key occasions. A quick google search will help with this or visit our “Inspire me” calendar.

You might want to plan your curated content monthly, or quarterly, depending on what works best for you as a business but leave space each week for an article, breaking news or any ad-hoc content that might come your way to ensure your posts are fresh and relevant to trends and changes.


Now that we have a blank planner in place, it needs to be filled! 

Here are 60 social media post ideas to get the ball rolling.

Evergreen Social Media Posts

1. Sales Messages

As above, it’s crucial to get the right balance between sales messages and other content but you need to utilise your Social Media platforms as a free way to market your business. 

Include key product or service information and a call to action on what to do next such as ‘visit our website’ or ‘call now’.

Social media posts are a great way to get company information out into the wild but use these types of posts sparingly – you don’t want to come across as too sales focussed.



2. Product Updates

Are you changing your product range?

Whether it’s introducing something new, reminding your customers of an existing product or discontinuing something (is there a final clearance offer alongside this?) be sure to let your customers know with a social media post!

Think about what type of content resonates with your customers.

Does it follow your marketing strategy, would a live video work or is it a CTA where you are collecting an email address?

3. Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way of getting a large amount of information across in one post (like this one!) and driving social traffic to your website.

Give your followers a taste of what the blog post includes in your Social Media update and then direct them off to the full piece online.

Create interactive social media posts.

Ask questions.

Provide a list of tips, perhaps put out a request for user-generated content.

4. Testimonials

These might come easily from satisfied customers or you may need to bite the bullet and ask for one.

Either way, the best way to build your brand reputation is for other people to do it for you.

Share any positive feedback across your Social Media platforms for all to see, and potentially get others to share their feedback too!

Testimonial videos are a great source of content for social.

Video content with a quote from a customer should form part of your marketing strategy and something your audience will love.

5. Video Demonstrations

Another great way of sharing large amounts of information is through videos.

Videos have spread rapidly across Social Media in the past few years so they are super Social Media friendly and sites such as Facebook and Instagram actively show them.

fa video splash

Use these for business posting opportunities on LinkedIn as they get great traction here.

Another thing to think about here, is that your videos do not have to be blockbuster quality.

Often a quick video with a smartphone will get much better traction from your audience, fans and followers, than a high-end production.

Remember to smile and have a bit of a laugh where suitable.

6. Video Outtakes

If it takes a few goes to get the video right, then even better!

Funny outtakes will likely get a better result than the original video and will bring the fun back to Social Media.

video outtakes

Pair these with a hashtag like #FunFriday.

Running a few posts like these in your feeds are great to boost engagement on social media.

This type of content shows the real people behind the brand and business.

7. How-To Guides

You know your products better than anyone so a helpful piece of content to share could be a ‘How-To Guide’.

This might be in the form of Video content, Blog posts or even infographics.

Just remember to make each step as clear and simple as possible and not to text-heavy.

8. Infographics

As above, Infographics are great for sharing information.

Try taking your most frequently asked questions or some interesting facts about your business, products or industry and create a more interesting, visual piece of content for your next social media post.

Use a tool like Canva with its built-in templates to create this type of content.


A quick tip here is to list out your ideas first as just headings.

Throw in a question or two early on to spark interest, and then fill in the banks.

9. GIFs

In some cases, a video is too long but a static image isn’t enough so try playing around with GIFs in your posts to get some movement on the timeline.

A slight bit of movement in what might appear to be a static image at first will catch your audience’s attention.

10. Product Photo Shoots

If you’re updating your portfolio and shooting your products or some images showcasing your services then be sure to share them across your platforms too! Invite your audience to comment on what they like or to share their images using your products.


feedalpha platform
You may have an event or company day out where there is an opportunity to get some really good staff photos or action shots.

11. BTS

Similar to outtakes from your video footage, behind the scene shots from photoshoots, the office or even whilst you’re out and about will go down well. People are naturally nosey and will love to see what you’re up to. These types of posts have formed a bit part of our marketing for social media strategy, and its the type of content we get the most traction from.

social day feedalpha

Your customer or audience wants to know the real ‘you’. Yes, you need to toe the company line, but, a behind-the-scenes post is easy to create and when it comes to social media, your audience will really engage with it.

12. Podcasts

Invite your clients or customers to join you in a podcast discussing your business and industry and then share this on your Social Media to continue the conversation. If you don’t want to host a Podcast yourself but enjoy listening to somebody else’s then share this with your followers too.

Why not turn your podcast into a blog post? If you are interviewing somebody else, this can be classed as user-generated content and great for your fans and followers.


social media content

13. National Days

There are plenty of #NationalDay’s every month so you are sure to find one that’s relevant to you and your customers.

Have some fun and be topical!

Our Inspire Me Calendar is full of great day ideas!

14. Punny Posts

Be it a cheesy joke or a play on words, it’s important to keep Social fun and give your audience a reason to keep following you. Punny posts or a clever play on words will make your followers smile.

15. Industry News

You may be more up-to-date and aware than your audience of the ins and outs of your company, industry and all the latest updates.

feedalpha team on social days

If something is happening that impacts your business or customers then share it with them on Social Media too. Be careful not to post anything too controversial – unless you’re ready for mixed reactions!

16. Awards Do’s

Whether you’re attending as a guest, a judge or a finalist, your audience will certainly want to see the glitz and the glam of award do’s.

17. Offline Events

If you’re visiting a conference, industry event or networking, share snaps and updates with your followers. Twitter is a great way to connect with people at the same event through hashtags.

Schedule Twitter posts with feedalpha

18. Online Events

Online events could be anything from a dedicated time on Twitter where users use a certain hashtag to communicate on a particular topic to a pre-planned webinar. Share updates and links across your Social Media channels and invite your audience along.

19. Polls

Polls are a great way for you to get some answers and opinions from your customers and potential users. Instagram and Facebook have super easy ways of asking a Poll with a choice of two answers.

It’s important to remember that if you’re asking your followers to engage with you, thank them and, where relevant, share the results of the Poll.

20. Webinars

Whether you’re hosting one yourself, appearing as a guest or just linking to a relevant one across your platforms, Webinars are a great way of sharing interesting information and understanding other people’s points of view.

facebook live video

A webinar is a great way to reach new customers, grow your audience and provide tips, run a contest, or just engage your audience online.

Bring on a customer who has expertise in a completely different area to yours, ok, so it may not be directly related to your industry but it’s a great way to attract and convert new leads.

21. Inspirational Quotes

If you’re struggling to come up with something original to you, borrow someone else’s!

Are there any quotes or sayings that inspire you?

They may well inspire your customers and be great conversation starters.

inspirational quotes

22. Link To Your Other Platforms

Although different platforms are more suitable for different people, you may like to grow your followers by raising awareness of all the places you’re active on Social Media.

Use Twitter and Facebook to share a link to your Instagram for example.

Have you a Youtube channel?

Why not convert some of your webinars or Facebook Lives into a youtube video and push the link out via social media also.

Embed the video into LinkedIn or create a post on your blog and push this out to all your channels.

Spreading your audience across all your social channels is a great way to build a diverse following and open up opportunities for new fans and followers, leads and ultimately more sales.

23. Customer Reviews

If you’re existing customers are saying good things about your business, let everyone else know!

This could give you a competitive edge with potential customers and encourage your existing ones to stay loyal.

Twitter is a great source for comments and messages that can be turned (with permission) into reviews.

Why not embed a tweet directly into your post on the site and watch the cross-channel engagement grow?

24. Team News

Everybody likes a good news story, especially if members of your team are customer-facing and your audience is likely to recognise them.

Put a face to a name and share some team updates such as promotions, marriages, and certifications.

feedalpha win award

25. Business Milestones

Social Media is a great place to sell your business – occasionally.

Any business milestones that show how established you are and your experience levels are a great way to subtly show off.

If you launch a new company service, tell people about it.

social media post ideas influencer

26. Influencer Takeover

If you’re connected to a local or industry influencer then how about giving them access to your Social Media channels for the day?

This will generate some fresh, real-time content for your customers and maybe even gain you some of their following too.

Consider planning some content beforehand just to make sure they’re getting across the right company message but give them the flexibility to do what they do best!

27. Support Local Businesses

Whether you’re a small, local business yourself, or in the position to support one, it’s great to see people working together to help each other out.

See what businesses are close to you and your target customers and start up a conversation.

28. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

No matter what size business you are, it’s important to consider your CSR.

This might be actively recycling in your office, being as ‘green’ as possible and also ensuring diversity within your workplace.

29. Charities

If you’re associated with any local or industry charities then share the good news with your customers and encourage them to support.

This also includes if you or an employee are doing something for charity, like a sponsored walk or ‘Movember’.

You don’t need to ask for money but you may see people offering it anyway.

30. Competitions

Competitions are a great way to get your followers to engage with you.

Encourage them to like your page and share to win one of your products or perhaps a discount on one of your services.

Then ask the contest winner to share the news of their win/experience to grow your reach further.

31. FAQ’s

You will know best what your audience needs answers to based on your frequently asked questions.

Try doing a ‘Question Time’ or perhaps an Infographic based on your topmost frequent questions.

32. Case Study

If you’re seeing great results within a certain demographic, with a key client or whilst using a specific platform then create a Case Study around this to share with others.

Upload it to your website and then create a Social post directing people to the full piece.

It’s an interesting piece of content plus a way of driving traffic to your site.

A case study might be a follow on from a question asked on one of your channels.

The answer may form part of a ‘best of’ style tips post or a series of videos.

question social ideas

33. Questions

If you’re super stuck for content ideas then simply ask your audience what they want to see.

Do they want more fun, creative content or perhaps more product updates?

Leave it up to them and take some of the pressure off yourself!

Run an AMA (ask me anything) on Twitter to discover what pain points your users have.

These questions will give you plenty of content ideas and have your feeds overflowing with value for your users in no time.

Get help from an expert when running an AMA because it’s quite difficult to keep track of all the questions and ideas – especially on Twitter because it runs at such a pace.

funny instagram captions

34. Caption This

Great picture but no idea what to write?

Ask your audience to ‘caption this’ and see what they have to say.

This could also form part of a competition.

Turn all the best images into a post and run a separate series of posts across social media.


35. User-Generated

If you have videos or images of your customers using your products or services (perhaps they’ve tagged you online) then ask their permission to re-share to your own platforms.

facebook tips

Invite others to do the same and not only will you be marketing your products or services; your content will get a fresh take thanks to user-generated posts.

36. Sponsorships

Do you sponsor or have connections with any local teams?

Share updates on them across your platform to help raise awareness for them and show you’re a part of the local community.

37. Client News

If your client is smashing it, or perhaps your on-boarding a new one, don’t be worried about sharing across your Social Media platforms.

It just shows that you’re adding value to their company and encourages those who are considering your services.

38. Contact Details

Make it as easy as possible for customers or potential customers to contact you or your company by sharing your details online with a clear call to action.

39. Go Live on Facebook and Instagram

Social Media platforms are making it super easy to ‘go live’ and communicate in real time with those who jump on.

You could be doing a product or service demonstration, office tour or simply walking the dog, people are nosey and curious about what goes on day-to-day.

As mentioned earlier in the post – a Live video presents many future post opportunities.

feedalpha event

Turn it into a youtube video, have it running automatically when a visitor hits your page, and push it out to Twitter.

Drop a link in your email footer.

Weekly Posts

40. #MondayMotivation

What’s motivating you this Monday or what tips can you share with your followers to motivate them too?

41. #TuesdayTransformation

Has your product range changed or grown over the years?

Perhaps your small team or office is now much larger.

Share with your followers how you’ve grown and transformed!

42. #WednesdayWisdom

What wise words of your own or those who inspire you can you share with your customers?

Perhaps your customers have some words of wisdom to share back to you.

43. #ThrowbackThursday

Any time you host an event, launch a product or reach a company milestone you will likely post about it a lot on Social Media at the time and then slowly the buzz will die down.

Bring it back to life with a Throwback Thursday post a week, month or even a year later!

44. #FactFriday

Utilise your industry knowledge to share some interesting facts.

You’ll find that people love to learn and this could spark some interesting conversations.

You might even learn a thing or two yourself.

The majority of the above ideas will work all year round so pad out your planner with these at the best time for your individual business needs.

Schedule posts on feedalpha for small businesses

Then, consider ‘Seasonal’ updates such as the below…


45. Sales

This isn’t necessarily ‘seasonal’ but there are certain times of the year, such as January, when people expect to see products in the sale.

You should never feel obliged to offer a sale or discount if it’s going to negatively impact your business but if you can then be sure to share the news across your Social Media.

46. New Year

New Year, New You, right?

These posts spring up constantly in the new year.

Be a bit different with your post options.

Brainstorm a few ideas with the team.

The aim is to share your New Year’s Business goals and company aspirations, but not to bore everybody.

Encourage your customers to do the same by simply asking them.

This keeps you topical and helps drive engagement.

Twitter is awash with these social posts so add in a funny image or Gif to help your ideas stand out in the noise.

blue monday social post idea

47. Blue Monday

If you have any ‘blue’ products then play on the phrase ‘Blue Monday’ which occurs in the new year.

Perhaps you use this to offer some good news or a sales promotion to cheer everyone up!

You might find that by searching Twitter for this hashtag you uncover customer pain points and come up with new ideas for social posts in the future.

48. Valentine’s Day

Share the love on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you want to thank your loyal customers or even offer a discount?

social media post ideas

49. April Fools

Can you have some fun with your products and services on April Fools?

Maybe you want to share a roundup of the best ‘big-brand’ April Fools or one that even you fell for!

50. Pancake Day

There’s a lot of fun to be had and mess to be made on days like this.

Can you have a team pancake flipping contest?

Or perhaps draw your logo in a pancake?

51. Summer Solstice

How do you suggest your audience spend the longest day of the year and how will you be spending it yourself?

52. Winter Solstice

Time is precious on the shortest day of the year, as above, how will you be spending your time?

53. Season Change

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all bring with them different colour schemes and a range of possible emojis. Read our guide on “What is an Emoji” to find out more.

Make the most of the changing seasons to bring some topical content to your Social Media platforms!

clock change post idea

54. Clock Change

The clock change can often lead to confusion as to whether it’s going back or forward and what that means in terms of light mornings and dark evenings.

Help your audience out with a simple reminder of the change.

55. Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays can mean lots of things, such as Sales or Events, but also different opening hours. If your hours are changing each Bank Holiday don’t forget to let your customers know!

56. Easter

Similar to the above, you might have different opening hours across Easter so let your customers know. You may also be hosting an office Easter Egg hunt or treating the team to some sweet treats so be sure to share this too!

57. Halloween

Have you ever tried to carve your logo into a Pumpkin?

Or perhaps you’re doing a fancy-dress day in the office?


Stay topical and play around with some spooky puns.

Twitter this year was great fun with all the posts of images and videos of crazy costumes.

Remember, not everything has to be serious so have some fun on Twitter and look for new ideas and opportunities in the feeds.

58. Black Friday

Black Friday is each November and seems to grow in size and momentum each year.

If you’re able to discount your products or services then let your customers know!

Perhaps use a trending hashtag such as #BlackFriday to spread the news.

Social media has been filled with Black Friday posts for the past week or two.

59. Guy Fawkes

Remember, Remember… to show off your November 5th fireworks!

For more help on what to post or planning your social media marketing on different social media networks check out our content ideas page.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

60. Christmas

End the year with a mix of festive content such as office decorations, opening hours and, of course, merry wishes and thanks to all of your loyal customers.

What to post on social media for 2022

2021 has been a great year for social as so much is now virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic; we have seen many big brands move to TikTok, the rise and fall of Clubhouse (the social audio app), and an Instagram revamp which saw the end of IGTV videos and the ability for users to add links to their Instagram stories (finally!). With this in mind, let’s look at some new post ideas for 2022.


Instagram reels became incredibly popular over 2021, with the Instagram algorithm seeming to favour those who made use of reels.

Creative short videos are a trend that will continue throughout 2022, so if you haven’t already had a go at creating one – now is the time!

You can find our guide on Instagram reels here.

Influencer Posts

Influencer posts will remain a popular way to engage people on your social media; people watch what influencers and celebrities are doing, the products they use, the lifestyle they lead.

Working with influencers to promote your product/service is an effective way to boost your social presence whilst increasing leads and interest at the same time.

Featured Product/Service

In 2022, more people will be purchasing directly through social media, and many people will want to interact with your business virtually, rather than over the phone.

Make sure you have shops set up on Facebook and Instagram to allow people to purchase your product/service directly. You can post about your products or seasonal sales and tag the items directly so people can simply click a button and pay!

Audio Content

Podcasts and audio content is becoming increasingly popular on social media; people want to be able to listen to content on their way to work or in their spare time.

Focusing on video and audio creation during 2022 will be sure to increase your engagement.

Share Interesting Resources

People love to find out about new resources and websites. In fact, social accounts that shared interesting resources in 2021 have become some of the top-ranking posts on Instagram and TikTok.

Is there a way you can make your followers lives easier with a simple hack or resource? Let them know!

Work with a Charity

Doing better in the world is so important, and many business owners can be doing more to help the environment, as well as people less fortunate than themselves.

Teaming up with a charity in 2022 is a great way to promote issues that we should all be working to solve.

Best Time To Post On Social Media

Now you know what to post on social media you should look at ways to help you save time with your posting!

Scheduling your social media posts is a great place to start. 

But how does scheduling social media posts help businesses?

Scheduling social media posts can help businesses to:

  • Keep up with the latest trends and market information.
  • Develop a relationship with their customers.
  • Engage in customer conversations.
  • Increase brand awareness.

Can businesses save time scheduling social media posts?

Yes, businesses can save time scheduling social media posts by using a tool like feedalpha.

feedalpha allows businesses to schedule posts and track their performance in real-time. This information can help businesses make better decisions about what content is most valuable to their followers.

feedalpha also allows you to create 3 pieces of content from one URL making your evergreen content work even harder for you.

Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Gary is the Founder of Feedalpha. He has a background in AI, Data Analytics, SEO, Digital Strategy and Web Design.