Facebook announced a new pages rollout at the start of this year, which offers a range of benefits and changes to the way we use and engage on our pages. The release of the new pages experience is a gradual one, and some of you may already have access to them while others may have to wait a little longer. The main changes that Facebook have announced with their new pages experience include:

New Layout

A new layout for pages will be introduced with the update, referred to as a “Simple and Intuitive Page Design” by Facebook. Pages will look clearer and be easier to use once the update has been rolled out, with the page profile photo appearing in the centre, rather than the left of the page, and important information such as bios, opening hours and services being easier to find.

Easier to Switch Between Pages

Another feature of Facebook’s new pages experience offers an easier way to switch between your own personal profile and a page. Facebook will give users the opportunity to switch between pages within their account in seconds, which leads on to a huge new part of the new experience, which is a dedicated news feed just for pages.

Dedicated News Feed for Pages

With the classic pages layout, there is not an option to engage and join in with conversations on your newsfeed as your page, only your personal profile. With the new pages experience, there is a dedicated news feed for pages, where businesses will be able to interact with customers, stay up to date with trends and communicate with others via their page, rather than their personal profile.

Removal of Page ‘Likes’

Facebook has decided to get rid of the ‘like this page’ option with the new experience, and instead allow users only to ‘follow’ a page. This makes it easier for users to understand that when they choose to follow a page they are allowing notifications and updates from the page. The new feature also shows businesses their true followers, rather than displaying engagers separately for ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. Essentially, Facebook are streamlining everything and making things clearer for both businesses and customers.

Increased Page Security

Another main feature of Facebook’s new pages experience is increased page security features. Facebook has made it easier to detect hate speech, bullying, or spam on pages. This means they are better able to regulate what people can post on your page.

What is the Issue with Facebook’s New Pages Experience?

Unfortunately, there are some issues with scheduling through third-party Facebook partners when it comes to the new experience. Because Facebook is still trialling the new pages experience, many of the usual features have not been applied, which includes scheduling via third-party websites.

Therefore, if you have currently switched over to the new Facebook pages experience, you will need to switch back to classic pages to continue to schedule posts. At the moment there is no way to fix the issue until Facebook has taken action, which means any scheduling software requires users to use classic page mode to work.

How Can I Start Scheduling Again if I Already Switched Over to the New Page?

Luckily as Facebook is still trialling and reviewing feedback on their new pages, anyone that has switched over also has the option to switch back. Simply switch back to classic mode to resume scheduling posts via Feedalpha.

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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

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