Seven Post Ideas For A B&B

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Small Business

When your whole business relies on customers visiting you offline, it can be quite hard to think of how to keep your online Social Media content fresh, interesting and flowing.

Think of Social Media as your digital doorway and a fantastic way to easily spread positive word of mouth, information about your services and engage with both potential and existing customers.

Ready to start? Here are seven post ideas to help pad out your Social Media planner.


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1. Meet The Team
The atmosphere in a B&B is often part of the charm so, as you know, it’s important to maintain a happy and friendly workforce. Of course, your Social Media audience won’t typically be exposed to this until they arrive at the B&B, so use your Social Media channels to introduce the team and show them what to expect.

2. Behind The Scenes
Similar to the above, it’s the little touches that leave a mark and make a stay special – which may ultimately lead to repeat business. Consider utilising Stories to share snippets of behind the scenes little touches whilst preparing the rooms, food and activities.

3. Local Activities
Speaking of activities – the accommodation is only half the adventure. As locals, you will know best what activities to recommend your customers, and where they should visit when they stay. The more enticing you make the local area sound, the more likely they are to book.

4. Guest Feedback
There’s no better advertising than positive word of mouth from those who have stayed with you before. Encourage your guests to share their feedback online or type up your feedback cards and share them as Social Media posts.

By hearing honest reviews from existing guests, new visitors will know they’re in for a treat.

5. Services
Whether you provide shoe shining or room service, for example, be sure to let any potential guests know on Social Media. As above, it’s the little things that make a stay memorable and encourages guests to spread the word!

Just be sure to let guests know if there’s ever an additional fee for specific services and if, or how, they should book in advance so as not to miss out.

6. Virtual Tours
Bring the offline, online! Video content or Live Stories are a great way to showcase your B&B and show the guests what you really have to offer before they even leave the house. Going Live will allow guests to ask questions in real-time and engage with the team before they arrive. Plus, a combination of video and static imagery content will also help balance out your content mix.

7. Seasonal Events
Whether it’s a storybook white Christmas, a family-friendly Easter egg hunt or a spring staycation, B&B’s really are perfect no matter the weather. Build up the excitement leading up to, and during, season changes and encourage your audience to picture themselves by the fire with a roast dinner – for example.

Now that you know what to post, it’s time to think about how and when…


Plan & Schedule

Social Media is often the first task to slip off the ‘To Do’ list when time isn’t on your side. To avoid neglecting your Social Media channels, put together a content plan in advance covering key days, topics and posts.

By preparing your content in advance you will have time to take or create quality visuals, properly proofread your copy and be proactive rather than reactive online. Furthermore, scheduling in advance will ensure a constant drip-feed of content is being shared to keep your audience engaged.


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Engage, Engage, Engage

On the topic of engagement – if your audience is taking the time to like, comment or share your content then the least you can do is take a minute to respond. By replying to a comment or reposting their content, you will build rapport with your customers much quicker and increase your chances of repeat custom.

Part of monitoring engagement is Social Listening. Keep an eye on what your customers are saying about you (or even your competitors) and join the conversation where relevant. The beauty of Social Media is being able to thank customers for their kind words and (on the odd occasion) squash any issues before they potentially escalate.

Of course, it’s important to stay on brand and ensure your Social Media standards are maintained to a high level. However, thankfully the B&B industry leaves room for excitement and creativity so don’t ever lose the social side of Social Media and have a little fun with it.


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