Six Post Ideas For A Nutritionist

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Consumers turn to Social Media platforms to discover new things and stay informed. With approximately 2.89 billion monthly active users, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to reach, engage and convert new customers.

The beauty of Social Media marketing is it doesn’t need big budgets as traditional, offline, marketing does and the ability to track and analyse results means businesses can justify their efforts and track ROI.

The first place to start when building a Social Media presence is by posting organically (for free) across platforms to build up followers and engagement. To do this, start with a Social Media Content Plan.

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Planning Your Content

Even those with the best intentions are guilty of letting Social Media slip down the priority list on a busy day. By preparing a Content Plan and mapping out your posts in advance, you’ll be able to easily see what is due to go, where and when. Businesses can then invest in a scheduling platform to help them stay ahead of the posting.

By being organised, businesses will have time to proof any copy and make sure all posts are on-brand and relevant to their target audience. Furthermore, scheduling means a constant feed of quality posts will be shared without taking time out each day to manually upload them.

Here are six post ideas to add to your planner.

1. Introductions & Meet The Team

As you increase your online reach and brand awareness through various digital marketing methods, your Social Media followers will also increase as patients will want to stay connected and in the loop.

It’s important to share introductions, meet the team and key business information posts to keep newbies informed and give long-term followers a refresh.

2. Helpful Resources

Whether it’s a free eBook or the latest articles, use your Social Media platforms to share helpful and informative information for those looking to improve their nutrition. It is essential that any resources are coming from a trusted outlet to avoid inaccurate or fake news.

3. Patient Feedback

There is a huge amount of information (and opinions) available online which can make it hard to convert those curious about their nutrition to actual paying customers. Of course, you know why choosing you is a good idea but it helps to have some support from existing or previous patients.

Share feedback and testimonials from your patients to help promote your services and build trust with potential clients.

4. Blog Posts

With so much information to share and such a short available space on Social Media platforms, a handy way to post is to include a snippet of information and then to link off to a complete blog post.

Not only does this allow for long-form content, but it will also showcase your industry knowledge and drive additional traffic to your website.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

You’ll of course know more than most about all things surrounding nutrition and it’s highly likely that you’ll receive many questions. Monitor trends in your FAQ’s and create a series of Social Media posts covering them with in-depth and accurate answers.

You may also wish to host Live sessions on social to answer questions in real-time and help build rapport with your audience.

6. Lifestyle Recommendations

As above, you are the fountain of knowledge and your audience is turning to you for advice. Without giving too much away for free, share recommendations such as recipes or guidance on keeping a balanced diet to keep your audience engaged and add value to their feed.


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Report and Revise

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to businesses being successful on Social Media as it’s really down to the brand and their unique audiences. However, by tracking results and making tweaks where necessary, businesses will be able to monitor which posts their audience is responding to best and how they need to improve.

Soon, you will be able to identify trends in the results and benchmark against previous months. Be sure to use this insight to tailor your content planner going forward to ensure the best results.

Don’t be disheartened if what was working before seems to be on the decline. People change and so do their preferences. Keep your content fresh with a mix of post topics, creative formats and engagement driving updates such as Stories or Lives.

Finally, there’s no harm in asking your audience what they’d like to see more of. Whether this is via Polls, a Live Q&A session or offline – patient insight will be the best form of Social Media inspiration and may help set you out from any competitors.


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