10 Social Media Posts For Solicitors

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Small Business, Strategy

All professional Social Media accounts need to be an extension of each business and its brand. Digital Branding includes everything from choice of imagery, digital tone of voice and style of content. As much as you should aim to stand out on Social Media, posts should still be suitable for your target audience.

Take a look at these ten post ideas and see what you should be adding to your Social Media plan.

Business Information

One key message to include in your content planner now and then is a business overview. You will likely be gaining more followers, whether they’re existing or potential clients, as you grow, so it’s essential to keep them informed as to the services you offer plus where you’re based / which locations you cover. Consider what you would like to know about a Solicitors before committing to use them and be sure to have this information clear and easily accessible for your target audience. 

Customer Feedback and Reviews

A great way to build your reputation as a trusted brand is to share positive reviews from previous or existing clients with your Social Media audience. Furthermore, take any constructive criticism you may receive and use it to improve, thus increasing your chances of repeat and loyal clients.


Specialist Sectors 

If you do specialise, or perhaps have several Solicitors within one firm who each specialise in different industries then make this clear and straightforward for your potential (and existing) clients to see and understand. When putting together your content, it’s also imperative to cover information and updates from each of these sectors, consider asking the Solicitors if there is important information that you should be sharing from time to time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Collate the questions that you get asked the most (whether it’s on Social Media or from clients) and put together a series of FAQ Social posts using formats such as infographics, Facebook/Instagram Live Sessions or pre-recorded videos. Once you’ve gathered the questions and answers, check to see if the FAQ page on your website needs to be updated.

frequently asked question

Industry Updates

Keep your audience informed on what’s happening within your industry, such as new or altered laws developing. Followers will be turning to you for accurate and informative advice, so be sure to be clear with the facts before publishing anything to Social Media.


Meet the Team

Utilise Social Media as a channel to reach out to your clients and put a face to a name and your brand. Interesting facts about employees and their careers will help build a rapport with your Social Media followers while subtly promoting how experienced your team are.


Exhibitions and Events

If you are attending an event, be it as a guest or with a stand, then Social Media is a fantastic way of promoting this and encouraging people to visit you. You will also be able to connect with other event-goers and potentially arrange some networking. Most events these days will have a dedicated hashtag, so be sure to use this (especially on Twitter) to join the conversation and connect.

Sponsorship or Charities 

If your business is associated with a charity, sponsor the local team or even just holding an office bake sale, then tell your followers all about it. Social Media posts like this are a great way to promote your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) while building up your brand awareness.


Blog Posts

If you’re busy writing content and updating the blog page on your website, don’t forget to share a snippet and link across your Social Media accounts. Blog posts are a great way to drive additional traffic to your site while providing a space for questions and comments. If you’re able to make the link trackable then even better as you can monitor the amount of engagement and traffic you receive from each update.

10 Social Media Posts For Solicitors


In addition to blog posts, you could post interesting and relevant articles from other authors. These could be to do with the news or industry updates and helps your audience stay up to date with the facts while keeping your content fresh.


RememberDigital Branding and Tone of Voice is just as important here as it is offline. Consider your topic and how best to promote your brand in a suitable, consistent manner. Preplanning and scheduling your content will help you maintain this and ensure your posing across all your Social Media platforms frequently to help stay front of mind with potential clients.

You can also use the insights section on each Social Media platform to gain an understanding of the style of content your audience is engaging with the most and use this information to influence your content planning going forward.

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