One of the most challenging aspects of making an impact on Twitter is coming up with something insightful to say within a 160-character limit, and this is particularly the case for a Twitter bio.

Your bio is a space for you, or your brand to introduce yourself and sell what you’re about. Some brands can do this with ease, using limited characters to their advantage, others push it to the character limit. But the majority fails to have any impact at all.

Having a good Twitter bio is important.

The words you choose and how you convey them communicates a lot about your brand so it’s important to get it right from the start.

353 million people use Twitter every day and your bio is often one of the first things people will see when they land on your profile page and is often what they use to decide whether or not to follow you.

Writing a good Twitter bio can dramatically increase your follower count so you want to make sure you’re maximising that 160-character limit. To help you, we’ve rounded up some tips, tricks, and Twitter bio ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.

How to write a good Twitter bio

Whether you want to write a professional Twitter bio to engage new clients or create funny Twitter bios to engage more followers on your personal account, follow the steps below to ensure you’re making the most of your space.

Introduce yourself

The first step to writing a great Twitter bio is to introduce yourself to prospective followers by telling them who you are, or what you do. If you’re a business, consider adding a brief description of your products and services, share your brand’s USP and let Twitter users know what to expect from your account.

Keep your Twitter bio brief

With a maximum of 160 characters, it’s important to write a brief description of who you are and the services you supply.

Take all the space necessary to convey important information rather than trying to be witty.

Studies have shown that the best Twitter bios utilise all 160 characters.

Add your location to the Twitter bio

If your Twitter account is used for business purposes then remember to add important information such as your location. Adding a location in your Twitter profile helps to build your audience’s trust.

If your location is physical eg. a store, adding the geographical location to your Twitter bio is a must.

If your business doesn’t have a physical location such as a shop, then mention the place you’re operating from.

Include relevant hashtags

If you didn’t know this already – you can include hashtags in your Twitter bio.

Adding relevant hashtags to your Twitter bio helps to make your page visible for people searching for certain hashtags.

If you’ve chosen relevant hashtags this helps make you more visible and increases your chances of increasing your follower count.

While hashtags are great to include in your bio, you should be careful not to overload your bio with them. Overloading your bio with hashtags makes it look like a spam account, and that’s the last thing you want!

Add Emojis

To make a good bio more eye-catching, consider adding relevant emojis. Emojis help to show your brand’s personality and can allow you to say more within a character limit.

Engage your target audience

Twitter is a place to engage with people like you.

In order to engage your audience, you need to use words that they would use.

Most users follow each other because of the words used in their tweets or Twitter profile. It doesn’t matter that they’re on the other side of the world to you, you both are passionate about gardening!

add emojis twitter

Show your personality

While writing a Twitter bio, display your brand’s personality. Whether it be funny, kind, serious, informative, ensure to show it in the bio to let people know what they can expect from your content.

When your followers have the idea of what you can deliver, there’s no fear of disappointing your followers with misleading content.

Show social proof

Social proof is a great way to gain more followers on Twitter.

If your brand has won an award, been nominated for something or has five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, consider adding this humble brag to your professional Twitter bio. Just be sure to show proof of this in links or with Hashtags!

Include relevant keywords

Search engines like Google can search your Twitter bios. That means if someone was searching for a relevant keyword, your Twitter profile may come up.

People with creative Twitter bios will often use their SEO skills to ensure the right keywords are in their profile to help boost brand visibility and gain more followers.

Add your website link

If you have a professional or business website, add its link to your Twitter bio.

Adding your website link to your Twitter bio will not only authenticate you with new followers but also help to drive traffic to your website.

If your followers like your content, and want to know more about your brand then they are more likely to click-through onto your website.

Add a call to action

If you want your followers to take a specific action such as sending you a direct message, downloading an app, or visiting your website you want to ensure this is clearly visible on your Twitter profile.

If your brand has multiple Twitter accounts, add links to those profiles too.

Add your contact information

People will come to your Twitter account for all sorts of reasons – it could be that they like something you’ve said, they want to complain, or need to raise a query with you.

Either way, not everyone will want to connect with your brand directly on Twitter, so it’s usually a great idea to include additional contact information.

Adding contact information to your Twitter bio can also see you gaining more followers as a result as it adds authority and a human edge to your business.

Twitter bio ideas to inspire your own

It can be tough to write a compelling Twitter bio. Have a look at some of these creative Twitter bio ideas to help get you started.

twitter bio ideas

If you’re a fan of Frank’s RedHot then you’ll understand just how easy it is to put that sauce on everything!

By putting it on Twitter too adds humour to their Twitter bio and allows people coming to their Twitter to understand exactly what it is they’re talking about!

twitter bio alexa

The Twitter bio for Amazon’s Alexa is another great example of tongue in cheek humour. In their Twitter bio, it mentions that they are an AI, however, it’s written in such a way that humanises the product.

People that own an Alexa know that she is terrible at puns, and, as she is an AI, her other interests make sense. The funniest thing about this Twitter bio is how it ends with a disclaimer “Tweets and opinions are my very own.”

Very good Amazon, very good.

arbys twitter bio

Arby’s are known for their roasted meat and sandwiches, with their slogan being “We have the meat!”

In their Twitter bio, they have creatively used their slogan and replaced the word ‘meat’ with ‘tweets’ adding a bit of humour.

Arby’s Twitter bio is a great example of showing how you can stay true to your brand, whilst remaining humorous on Twitter.

bio ideas twitter

The Twitter bio of UberFacts is brilliantly witty. Their tag line states “The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know.” which is true as their account tweets out random facts, all day, every day.

youtube ideas

Youtube’s Twitter bio is a brilliant example of how you can use your slogan creatively.

“Like and subscribe” is often used by Vloggers on the platform as it helps them gain more followers on the platform.

Although you can’t like and subscribe on Twitter, you can follow them which is what Youtube are calling you to do on their Twitter account.

Top tips to write engaging Twitter bios

If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand’s Twitter bios, we’ve got some last tips you can try to spark some inspiration:

1. Be yourself

Users of Twitter look for unique content more than other platforms like Facebook and Instagram so it’s super important to be your most authentic self when crafting your Twitter bio.

2. Experiment & Target

To write a Twitter bio that engages your preferred audience, you first need to understand who your target audience is.

Having a target audience is the perfect way to tailor your content and reach more people as you can gain an insight into what it is they like to see.

3. Use Analytics

Using Twitter analytics to write your bio is a great way to help understand what it is your audience is looking for and want to hear.

Check out what your competitors are doing and see which tweets resonate the most with your demographic. This will allow you to write a much more tailored bio.

4. Stand out from the crowd

As Twitter only has the capacity for a 160 character bio, consider using single words to highlight your personality, brand, or social stance.

Although short, it’s a great way to get your identity and USP across to your followers.

Be mindful not to use generic buzzwords in your Twitter bio as it’s often used by too many people and there’s a likelihood that your profile will get lost amongst the millions of Twitter users.

5. Use the right hashtags

If you want to create an engaging Twitter bio, consider the number of hashtags that are currently in your profile.

Too many can look like a spam account, so look to only use brand or campaign hashtags only.



There are plenty of great techniques you can use whilst craft your Twitter bio, but the most important piece of advice we can give you is to remember to be authentically you.

Think about who you are, what you offer and the image you want to convey to your audience.

Once you have clearly defined that, writing an engaging Twitter bio should be a piece of cake!

Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Gary is the Founder of Feedalpha. He has a background in AI, Data Analytics, SEO, Digital Strategy and Web Design.