Eight Post Ideas For A Homeware Retailer

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To truly maximise the endless opportunities Social Media platforms provide businesses of all sizes, brands must commit to consistently posting quality content. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to hit a creative wall every now and then, which could cause a decline in the quality or quantity of posts.

Instead of letting your Social Media suffer, consider setting some time aside to brainstorm what content would work best for your products, audience and overall brand. Plan or schedule ahead to help with time management, look at historic posts and their results and browse competitors or even any big brands you admire for inspiration.

It’s also essential to know where your audience are most likely to spend their time to truly maximise your efforts on specific platforms, rather than spreading too thinly across them all – especially if time and resource is low.

Instagram and Pinterest, for example, are two primarily image-based platforms that would work best for Homeware Retailers. Start here and fully understand everything the platforms have to offer from Pins to Reels, Boards to Stories.


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 Here are eight simple post ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. Company Introductions
As your audience and exposure grows it’s important to post semi-regular reminders of who you are, what products you stock and what your brand represents. Company information posts could include meet the teams and behind the scenes to help build rapport you’re your customers.

2. Key Information
Do you have an offline store or are you online only? If you have a brick and motor shop then share your location(s) and opening times, especially around Bank Holidays and Christmas when they might change. If you’re online-only then be sure to include links to your website or third-party platforms such as Etsy and utilise Instagram Shops.

3. New In
Styles and trends can change quickly in the Homeware sector which means stock does too. Keep your Social Media audiences up to date with anything new in, including helpful information such as size and price.

4. Style Tips
Speaking of styles changing, it’s likely that you and your team know what’s hot (and what’s not!) and can offer your audience top tips on how to style a room or a side table, for example – featuring all your own stock of course. 

5. Seasonal Styling
Similar to the above, styles will change with the season too. Customers may find themselves looking for inspiration for everything from their Christmas décor to clutter-free spring cleans. Include seasonal product suggestions and be as visual as possible when showcasing your stock.

6. Offers & Loyalty Discounts
Everyone loves a deal and, as long as it’s on-brand, sharing promotional codes or raising awareness of your loyalty discounts will likely drive good engagement on Social Media. There are also some key times of year to post content like this, for example, Black Friday and Boxing Day Sales.

7. Customer Generated Content and Reviews
One of the most authentic forms of marketing is word of mouth. Who better to spread the good word about your quality products and customer service than existing customers?

Encourage your customers to share how they’ve styled your products in their own homes and use their fabulous content mixed in with your own. Many businesses have introduced their own hashtag to help group customer content.

8. Competitions
Competitions are a fantastic way to drive engagement and give a little something back to your audience. Businesses must set clear entry requirements and an end date. It’s also important to note here that any competitions must follow the platforms T&C’s.


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Review and Revise

As with all marketing, planning ahead is key but being able to adapt is also important. One part of this will be to frequently review results, understand which posts worked well and what your audience is responding to best.

Social Media platform insights will suggest key posting times based on follower behaviour and businesses need to adapt their strategy based on results. Although stats may peak and dip, businesses will soon be able to establish trends and be able to benchmark results year on year.

Reactive Marketing

Social Listening, including follower comments and other conversations online, will help brands understand what their existing and potential customers have to say about them. It may also lead them to stray from the pre-planned content which is okay.

The latest trends (where relevant) and customer engagement will allow businesses the chance to participate in reactive marketing – which is ideal for Social Media engagement. However, it’s important not just to jump on any trend because others are. All content must align with the brand and appeal to your customers.

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