Creating and executing successful Social Media content and campaigns can be difficult, especially when it comes to reaching the right people and driving engagement. Thankfully, this task is made much easier when it involves a desirable product.

Jewellery Stores not only have wonderful products to promote, but they also typically benefit from loyal, repeat customers. Therefore, Social Media marketing should, in theory, be easy… but there will always come a day where inspiration eludes you.


 5 post ideas for a jewellery store

Here are five suitable Social Media post ideas to help pad your content planners.

New In

As above, the available jewellery will be the main focus of your Social Media content, especially anything new. Try to get a good balance of sales-driving posts and ones simply designed to inform and increase engagement.

Your products will be the main event so be sure to capture them through stunning photography but consider how best to describe each piece also.

Taking Care of Jewellery

One area you’ll likely know much more about than your customers is how best to maintain and care for their jewellery. Different metals and stones will require different methods, so share any top tips or recommendations with your followers.

If you provide any additional services, such as jewellery cleaning or watch battery replacements, for example, then be sure to share these with your audience. Easy access to information on how to request an appointment or prices where necessary will help drive bookings.

Offers / Promotions

Businesses often run periodic offers, promotions or loyalty schemes and Social Media is a fantastic platform to share these. Firstly, it’s free to use and secondly the potential audience reach is vast.

If you’re in a position to discount your products then utilise your Social Media reach to share the good news and outline the promotions available.


One popular and ever-growing area of marketing, especially on Social Media, is the influencer industry. Influencers use their audience to promote products on behalf of fans either for a free product or a fee.

Influencers either utilise their own Social Media platforms and existing audiences to promote products or they can ‘take over’ a brands account and present to their audience – hopefully bringing some of their followers over in the process.

If you’re looking to utilise influencers then be sure to find someone who suits your brand image. If you’re not in a position to utilise influencers then consider a campaign to produce user-generated content from existing customers.

Customers can share their own images of your jewellery with feedback and positive comments around your customer service and products.

 Trends & Latest Fashion

As with all areas of accessories and fashion, things change and trends come in and out of style. To show how active and influential you are in the industry, share the latest jewellery trends with your audience and how they can get involved – ideally by purchasing your products.

This post idea will also work well in the form of a blog post or newsletter to your audience, whereby you can share a snippet on your Social Media platforms and link off to your website for more information. Not only will this keep your feed fresh with a mix of formats, but it will also drive additional traffic to your website.


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Staying On Brand

Having brilliant ideas for posts is one thing, executing them is another. Be sure to consider your product photography, any other creative, copy and tone of voice carefully to ensure all posts are suitable for your desired audience.

It’s essential that premium businesses stay on brand and deliver content that is appropriate and relevant to their audience. Social media, and all parts of your online presence such as your website, should simply be an extension of your offline experience.

Engage Engage Engage

Speak to your followers on Social Media in a friendly, helpful way – as if they were with you in your store. This will help keep them engaged, build rapport and drive sales. The better their experience with you, online and off, the more likely a customer will be to stay loyal.

If your posts receive comments or you’re tagged in a tweet, for example, ensure you respond to everyone in a timely manner. You may find that you receive frequently asked questions in your comments or inbox so consider preparing a few boilerplate responses so you can quickly share an accurate response.

If you do find you’re receiving many of the same questions, consider adding a series of FAQ’s to your post ideas!


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