Five Post Ideas For An Artist

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

When done well, Social Media can really bring together people from all walks of life and form a community. Whether it’s on public pages or more discrete Facebook Groups, users are brought together by a common interest.

It’s then up to the owner of said page or group to manage the conversation, by sharing interesting posts and engagement-driving content.

For Artists, this should be easy. When you’re passionate about your product (or service) it can easily shine through for all to see and this can be applied to the content you share across Social Media.

To help keep your creativity flowing, here are five Social Media post ideas.


1. Demonstrations & Tips

Whether they’re artists themselves, aspiring to be or just a fan of your work, it’s absolutely fascinating watching a professional do their thing. Artists should be open about their creative process and share the journey with their audience to keep them engaged and pique their interest in your pieces.

Beyond this, any top tips, pieces of advice or lessons you’ve learned along the way will be fantastic talking points on Social Media and help encourage your audience. You’ll know more than most about all things art so be sure to have your say – without giving away too much of the magic of course!

2. Latest Pieces

Almost as a follow on from the above, your final work and latest pieces will be sure to create a buzz online. Showcase your work with stunning visuals and supporting descriptive copy to bring the offline online.

If you have a shop or a gallery then consider encouraging your audience to come and view the pieces in person.

artist demonstrations

3. Show Dates

If you are hosting or attending an Art Show then Social Media is a fantastic forum to share all of the key information such as Times, Tickets (and prices where appropriate) and how to book.

Facebook even have a feature whereby Artists can create an Event, populate all of the important information and invite their fans to attend.

4. About The Artist

Not only do we love to see someone’s creative process, but we’re also all a bit nosey deep down. A real engagement-driving post idea is to share ‘About Me’ (or ‘Us’ if there are multiple Artists) posts. Artists can encourage their audience to ask questions for them to answer and can utilise Instagram Story features such as the Q&A box.

Not only will this drive engagement, and therefore organic reach, but it will also help build rapport with your followers and help generate that community feel we mentioned.


post ideas artist


5. Inspirations

Similar to the above – think about what inspires you and how you channel that into art. We’re sure your audience would love to know and you can ask the question right back to them! You never know who you’ll inspire next.

6. Go Live

On the subject of building rapport, going live across available Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, will help develop follower relationships much quicker. Lives give your audience a chance to put a face (and a personality) to a name and ask questions to be answered in real-time.

Furthermore, the more features you utilise across Social Media, such as Facebook Events, Instagram Stories and TikTok lives, the broader your potential reach will be and therefore your opportunities for results.

7. Hashtag Research

If you’re looking to increase your reach then conduct some hashtag research to help you maximise your opportunities across each different Social Media platform. Take a look at which of your hashtags are working well and which any similar Artists utilise.

Don’t forget, each Social platform algorithm have their own number of recommended hashtags per post. You want to be niche enough that you reach a targeted and relevant audience but not so narrow that you restrict yourself. Websites such as are also a great way to narrow down the options.

8 . Encourage User-Generated Content

If you’re ever stuck for post ideas, or perhaps just as curious as the rest of us, consider encouraging your audience to share their own artwork and repost as user-generated content. The more you do this, the braver others will be to post.

Some brands like to introduce their own hashtag for followers to utilise which will group these posts together and help you keep track for reposting purposes. Plus, a hashtag can be used across multiple Social Media platforms.

If your audience is taking the time to interact with you and share their posts then be sure to engage back and like, comment or repost (with permission) so they know the love goes both ways!


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