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Social Media is often the place people go to research interior trends and find some inspiration – especially on the more visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. With this in mind, Interior Designers can fully maximise the potential opportunities to reach new clients looking for some expert advice and talent.

Find The Right Platforms For You

Whether it’s homes or hotels, no matter which interiors you specialise in Social Media will be a fantastic platform to showcase your portfolio and talents. However, it’s important to consider which platforms will be the most relevant for your target audience.

As above, the more visual platforms are Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, so it’s worth considering if these are right for you. On the other hand, if you specialise in commercial spaces, you might find LinkedIn works well for you also.

You’ll know your target audience better than most so take some time to research where they’re most active. Consider speaking to existing or previous clients to understand where they spend their time online for a bit of consumer research before outlining your Social Media strategy.


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Plan & Schedule In Advance

Once you know where you’re looking to post, it’s time to think about what and when. By planning your content in advance you will be able to bulk schedule and therefore ensure a consistent feed of content is going out across your chosen platforms.

Here are five Social Media post ideas suitable for all Interior Designers.

Intros & Experience

One of the best ways to build a rapport with your online audience is to add some personality to your content and really put a face to the brand. By introducing yourself, any team members and sharing your extensive experience, you will help to build confidence amongst your prospective clients and further develop relationships with your existing audience.


Similar to the above, one of your key post topics will be your portfolio and how you can help your followers with all their interior design needs. By sharing before, during and after stages of each project, as well as any influences and inspiration along the way, you will help tell the story of your work and potentially inspire your clients.

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Whether this is sharing your inspiration for certain projects or helping to inspire your audience, visual content will work well across Social Media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

If you use your work or expert eye to inspire your audience you will likely find they come to you to answer their questions and to work on their next projects. You may wish to host a Live Q&A session following posts like this to discuss in more detail with your followers.

Client Testimonials

Word of mouth will always be the strongest form of marketing and there’s no need to try and convince your clients that you’re better than a competitor when your existing clients can do it for you! Encourage previous or existing clients to share testimonials about their experience with you, or directly to your Social Media account, to spread the good word.

Latest Trends and Designs

As an expert in your field, you’ll know more than your audience about the latest trends, styles and any best practice tips when it comes to interior design. By sharing this insight with your followers you will be supporting them with their projects but also showcasing your experience and talents. Interior design changes frequently, for example, styling for the season, and, like fashion, there will be a whole audience ready and waiting to keep up!


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Go Live

Speaking of going live… if you’re looking to drive engagement and build rapport with your audience then going live is a fantastic way to do this. Multiple Social Media platforms now have a ‘Live’ feature, including Instagram and TikTok, so it’s easier than ever to answer customer questions in real-time.

Review Results & Adapt

Once you have started posting on a regular basis, you will be able to see which posts your audience is responding to best and be able to tailor your content. Key metrics to consider are impressions (the only consistent metric across all Social Media platforms) and engagement (whether that’s likes, comments, shares or retweets).

Interactions from your audience will help increase your organic reach and therefore develop brand exposure with wider, conquest audiences. Over time you will be able to benchmark your results against previous months and understand how to fully maximise Social Media to benefit your business.


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