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Customer loyalty is essential to the success of Barbers, and hairdressers too, because it’s (in theory) much easier to keep customers coming back after a satisfying experience than it is to convince a brand new customer that you’re just as good as their current Barber.

Building rapport, delivering excellent customer servicing and leaving people satisfied and likely to come back again is much easier face to face. However, it’s also important to stay front of mind and competitive – whilst reaching new audiences.

Social Media is a fantastic way for Barbers to keep existing customers engaged in-between visits, stay front of mind and make it as easy as possible for customers to spread positive recommendations via shares and tags to help reach new prospective customers.

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Digital Tone Of Voice

Getting the right tone of voice on Social Media is a key factor in being successful online. Don’t forget it’s SOCIAL media so it’s okay to post in the same chatty tone as if you were speaking directly to your customers offline.

Social Media could be the first place new customers find you and therefore their first experience of your brand, so it’s essential to keep all post copy and creative fully on brand. One simple way to do this is to prepare content in advance so you have time to reread or proof the copy before it goes live.


Scheduling In Advance

We all know how busy businesses can be so to ensure Social Media doesn’t slip down the priority list, consider setting up a scheduling platform. If you’re already writing your copy in advance then it makes sense to schedule it too. This will allow for a drip-feed of content being shared day by day without taking up too much time.

Once you have your core content scheduled, think about what you can do day by day if/when time allows. For example, Stories on Instagram or Facebook work really well for sneaky behind the scenes and day to day content.

Now you know how to post, let’s look at what would work well for your business. Here are six easy post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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1. Meet The Team
Arguably the most important part of a Barbers – the team! Introduce your team via a series of Social Media posts, detailing their experience and expertise. If you have newbies join, promote a member of the team or when they learn a new style be sure to let your followers know.

As above, Stories – and going Live – are a great way to help put a face to a name and build rapport with existing and potential customers.

2. Maintenance Tips
Of course, you’re not looking to share all your secrets on social but tips to keeping hair healthy in-between visits will keep your customers engaged and add value. It will also make your job easier when it comes to their next cut!

Don’t be afraid to share the same advice more than once as long as it’s been long enough in-between, your audience will keep growing so you’ll have new followers to educate.

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3. Before, During & Afters
As with all services, it helps build a customers’ confidence to see the results from start to finish. Not only will it help showcase your skills but it may also inspire customers to try a new look.

This doesn’t just have to be about a haircut, if you offer additional services such as beard trims and styling then be sure to share posts covering these too and any prices were appropriate.

4. Customer Testimonials
As above, the best word of mouth comes from others. Encourage your existing customers to share positive feedback about your services and team to spread awareness. This will be great motivation for the team and could lead to new customers.

5. Behind The Scenes
It’s not just about snipping and sweeping up hair, there’s often a fantastic vibe in a Barbers so use this to your advantage for some relatable Social Media posts. The more authentic they feel the more your audience will enjoy them.

Local Barbers may wish to post about what’s going on in the community and surrounding areas – as long as it’s relevant to their audiences.

6. New Styles & Trends
Last but not least – what’s new? Whether it’s a new hairstyle or beard trend, talk about it with your online audience and share examples of any customers getting involved.

Again, this will help inspire your customers but it will also keep you engaging with them in-between visits, showcase your industry knowledge and it will keep social exactly how it should be – social!


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