Social Media is a fantastic way for all industries to engage with existing customers whilst reaching new prospects. Estate Agents especially have become more and more digital-focused in recent years and have plenty of available posts to encourage audiences to engage and drive traffic to their websites.

When planning content it’s worth thinking about how to keep the creative fresh. For example, houses often have a video tour which would make for a fantastic Social Media post. Multiple images are another great way to capture attention and showcase listings.

One key thing to remember is that potential clients will be looking to your Social Media channels to get a better idea of the business and your professionalism.

With this in mind, it’s essential to ensure all content and creative is on brand and appropriate for your target audience. A Social Media content plan will help businesses have time to review and proof any content before it’s live.

Furthermore, a Content Plan is a fantastic way to plot out your copy, creative and links – whether that’s for the next week, month or quarter, whatever suits your business best.


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Here are six post ideas to start padding out your planner.

1. New Listings

Speaking of listings… of course, one of the most important and interesting things to post about are new properties. Share a selection of images, key information and the price of new, existing and unique listings to keep your audience engaged and help with their house search.

2. Top Tips For Buying & Selling

You’ll know more than most, especially your target audience, about all things buying and selling houses. Share your top tips for the process via a series of Social Media posts including listing, packing, cleaning – everything as long as it’s relevant to your audience!

3. Available Services

Estate Agents often offer a selection of services covering every area of buying or selling a house. For example, valuations, property photography or even lettings services. Social Media is a fantastic way to educate your audience on all areas of your offering to raise awareness and show them why they should choose you over any competitors.

4. Client Testimonials

There really is no better form of marketing than positive word of mouth from existing or previous clients. Encourage them to share their experiences and feedback on your Social Media accounts. Potential clients will be reassured by their good experiences and this could be what sets you apart from competitors.

5. Latest News

From mortgage changes to stamp duty, there’s often something going on in the housing industry. Share the latest news (from trusted resources only) with your audience to help keep them up to date and show that you’re in the loop with all the important areas of the industry.

6. Recommended Suppliers

Many Estate Agents partner with other recommended suppliers, such as Mortgage Advisors, Surveyors or Solicitors, to help make the process as easy as possible. Be sure to share this information with your audience to help them make some of the big decisions involved when moving home – especially for first-time buyers.

You can also ask those suppliers to do the same for you in return, keeping their content fresh while increasing organic reach for both brands.


Monitor Results

The more you post, the more you will learn about your audience, which content or posts they like and what they’re most likely to engage with. Use this valuable insight to tailor your content going forward to help strengthen results.

Over time, you will be able to benchmark your results against previous months or years and start to monitor trends. This will also help when trying new content and creatives and allow you to ‘fail fast’.


feedalpha 6 post ideas for an estate agent 3

Engage With Your Audience

Engagement really is king when it comes to organic Social Media management. If your audience is taking the time to comment, share or retweet your posts then the least you can do as a business is respond.

Engaging with your audience and other relevant accounts across Social Media will help increase your organic reach and therefore grow your brand awareness.

Social Listening

Another side to driving audience engagement is Social Listening. Businesses on Social Media must actively monitor their own channels for engagement but also conversations that don’t directly involve them.

Where relevant, brands have the opportunity to join conversations – Twitter, for example, is great for this – to increase awareness and exposure. By joining conversations, businesses can start to build rapport with existing and potential customers while staying ahead of the competition.


Team feedalpha

Team feedalpha

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