7 Social Media Post Ideas For A Gym

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Post Ideas, Small Business, Strategy

When your whole product or service offering relies on the actions customers take offline, such as working out, it can be hard to know where to start when developing an online strategy. Fear not, for we bring seven simple Social Media post ideas to help get your creative blood pumping!


Meet The Team

Some customers will want to be left alone to workout with their headphones in and fully in the zone. Others, however, will need a professional trainer’s expertise and experience to keep them motivated and, importantly, safe while navigating their workouts.

A good way to build a friendly brand is by putting a face to a name and generating rapport with existing and potential customers, possibly even before they’ve entered the building. Use your Social Media platforms to introduce your employees, so customers not only feel more at ease with the staff around the gym but know they’re in good hands.


Live Classes

One fantastic way to bring the offline – online is to run live workout classes across your social Media accounts. Whether it’s down to time, money or childcare, for example, everyone deserves the opportunity and support to stay fit and healthy. Live classes will help those unable to make it to the gym.

As a brand, you will be seen as giving back to the community, and you will likely gain a loyal following who will be more inclined to join officially then they’re able – and tell their friends!


Tips and Techniques

Position yourself as experts in your field by posting any top tips and techniques for working out, specific equipment, and overall health. This could be shared via video tutorials or in a fun infographic, so it’s an easy to consume style of content.

Gym memberships can be seen as an expensive monthly outgoing, so you want to add as much value to your customers as possible. If you don’t want to give too much away for ‘free’, then consider inviting your members to a private Facebook Group so you can still share awesome content.


Tips and Techniques

Booking Systems

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to sign up, book in, and stay in the loop of what’s coming soon by promoting your schedule and booking system on Social Media. Use these updates as an opportunity to raise awareness of your range of machines, classes and anything that may help you stand out amongst competitors.



If you’re looking to run promotions, such as ‘Refer a Friend’, where better to reach your existing customers and make it super easy for them to tag a friend? Social Media is a great place to gain exposure but make sure you’re reaching those most likely to convert into customers. Before you go live with any promotions and competitions, read up on the platforms guidelines to ensure you’re compliant.


social media tips for gyms

Nutritional Advice

We all know it’s not just working out that leads to a healthy body; it’s largely nutrition too. It’s essential to help your audience understand the benefits of eating the right foods to support their time spent in the gym. If you have expert knowledge and understanding in this field, then be sure to share it with your audience to support their healthy lifestyle journey. If no one in your team has this skillset, consider partnering with a business or freelance professional who does to bring a well – rounded offering to your customers.



Last but by no means least, at one point or another, we all need that extra push to get moving. Use your platforms to motivate and encourage your followers, customers or not, and develop a culture where your followers feel good about themselves and, importantly, enable others to feel great also.

With permission, consider sharing customer testimonials and progress pictures to show what can be achieved with a little determination and support from your business. Encourage your audience and customers to share their wellness journey with others to keep the motivation going.

The is just the start, as the best Social Media Strategies include a mix of content and creative. Businesses will be able to see from their results what content their audiences are responding to best, so be sure to monitor your metrics and do more of what works.

Furthermore, keep trying new things – the opportunity to build a brand on Social Media is almost endless, and businesses such as Gyms have more flexibility when it comes to creating a fun, vibrant brand off and online.

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