7 Social Media Post Ideas For A Hairdressers

by | Feb 13, 2021 | News, Small Business, Strategy

Hairdressers are famously very social and creative people with a gift for effortlessly making conversation whilst they work their magic.

This degree of engagement and creativity can be transferred to their Social Media channels to drive good client relationships, repeat business and exposure into new audiences.

Not sure where to start? Here are seven post ideas to get the ball rolling.

Services and Products

Educate your audience on what you do best and if there are any products you sell alongside your services. Possibly the hardest of all post types because your Social Media channels need a delicate balance between sales and marketing, but there’s no harm in mixing some service and product awareness posts into your content planner.

Where & When

As with all services, the easier it is for a consumer to make a booking or find your store, the more likely you are to convert them from prospect to client. Make it super easy for your clients to book in, let them know whether you have a physical location(s) or if you travel to their home, and what your business hours are.

Don’t forget to share any amended business hours during national holidays, festive periods and when your schedules are likely to get booked up, for example, prom/debs season!

Before & Afters

One of the best ways for prospective and existing clients to build their trust in your abilities is to show before and after shots of your work. Make sure to get your clients’ consent to post online, especially if their face is in the picture, and that the photographs are clear and of high quality.

These posts work best if you give a little breakdown of what you did to produce the end result, and this could potentially help other clients explain their desired look!

hairdresser before and after

Maintenance Tips & Tutorials

Give your followers a reason to stick around and engage with your posts by adding some value to their newsfeed. Helpful content such as maintenance tips, tutorial videos, and general haircare in-between visits will keep your audience engaged and build their trust in you as an expert in your field.


If you’re ever in a position to offer a promotion or competition, then Social Media is a great platform to do so. It doesn’t have to be a free haircut and colour, but ideally, the prize will be relevant to your industry to increase the chances of entrees being potential clients, not just any old user looking for a freebie. This will increase your chances of growing your organic following but to a quality audience.

Before sharing your competition, take a look at the platforms guidelines to ensure you’re fully compliant.

Customer Testimonials 

Another fantastic way to build relationships and trust with your followers is to share existing customer testimonials. Your current clients may already actively leave feedback and comments on your Social Media platforms, but if you’re looking to share more of them as part of your content mix, don’t be afraid to ask!

Meet The Team

Whether you’re a single freelancer or a team of professionals, your Social Media audience will love to see who’s who and where their expertise lie. By introducing the team online and sharing behind the scenes content, any newcomers will feel much more relaxed when they arrive for the first time as everything will feel familiar.

hairdresser team

Get Posting

Now that you’ve got some post ideas ready to go, you need to think about how best to share the content. Hairdressing is already a very visual industry, so use this to your advantage and share lots of photographs, videos, boomerangs, reels – you name it! This is perhaps one of the most accessible industries to master product photography.

Don’t feel pressured to be present on every possible Social Media platform available if your audience isn’t there. As above, your content will likely be very asset-heavy, so you may want to focus on the more visual Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook over the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Utilise the time you spend chatting with clients and understand where they spend their downtime and what they’re looking for in a hairdresser. Then, use this precious insight to tailor your content and marketing strategies. Not many industries have the gift of dedicated one on one time to make small talk!

Last but not least, make it clear what you’d like your audience to do next in your posts. If you’re looking to drive engagement on your posts, then ask conversation driving questions. Perhaps you’re looking to increase your website traffic? Be sure to add a link and encourage your audience to click for more information.

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