Five Post Ideas For A Bakery

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Most businesses know by now that Social Media is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to marketing. For instance, Bakeries can reach existing audiences and customers via their platforms but also build up brand awareness with conquest audiences.

Furthermore, Social Media platforms provide customers with a fantastic channel of communication directly into the business via comments and direct messages. This can be helpful when it comes to placing orders, checking opening times and reserving tables.


1. Fresh Products
Of course, the focus point of your content will always be yummy products. Whether it’s your cake of the day or a limited edition, seasonal, cookie for example. Your audience will love to see their feed full of deliciousness and it will likely help drive sales because really, who can resist?

Just be careful to balance your sales-driving posts with engagement-focused ones too, otherwise, you risk your audience becoming disengaged if they think you’re only after one thing!


social media post ideas for bakery

2. DIY Tips and Inspo
Without giving away all your secrets, you might wish to showcase your skills and knowledge via some DIY tips or baking inspiration. This will help balance your content and keep your customers engaged in-between visits.

Tips could be shared via videos such as TikTok or Instagram Reels, or even during a Live where your audience can ask questions in real-time and follow along!

3. Behind The Scenes
We’re all a bit nosey deep down, especially when we’re watching masters at work. Share ‘behind the scenes’ insight on Stories, via Instagram Reels or short and sweet TikTok’s to help give your audience a sneak peek.

Not only will this feed their curiosity but it will also help bring some personality to your Social Media content and put faces to names. Use these posts as a chance to share some interesting information about your team (such as their expertise and experience), your products and anything you think your audience will be interested in.

4. Examples of Work
If you offer bespoke services, such as commissioned cakes or sandwich platters, then don’t forget to share this information with your audience alongside examples of your work. Bakeries should also share product prices where possible to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to make their decision and commit to purchasing.

If you have a certain wait time or turnaround time during busy periods then share this information too, as it will help manage your customers’ expectations.

5. Customer Testimonials
In association with the above, but also relevant to any day to day products, you can share positive customer testimonials and feedback across Social Media. Word of mouth will always be one of the strongest forms of marketing and by sharing to social you will help spread this quicker.

Encourage your audience to leave feedback on your Facebook Page or Google Reviews to help convert potential customers.

Utilise Video

As above, video content is the easiest way to consume large amounts of information – such as tips and demos – and is rapidly growing in popularity across platforms including TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Bakeries should utilise videos where possible to increase audience engagement and keep a well-balanced mix of content going out across the platforms. The features provided by Social Media platforms, such as edit functions or music libraries, mean that businesses don’t need to spend a fortune or be highly skilled to produce quality video content.


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Schedule In Advance

We all know that day to day there just isn’t enough time! Unfortunately, for most businesses, this often means posting to Social Media slips down the priority order.

By planning and scheduling content in advance, businesses are able to properly consider the copy and any key messages, proof their creative and ensure a consistent feed of quality posts across each platform.

Prepare a content planner which includes copy, creative, links and hashtags and put some dedicated scheduling time aside each week or month to stay on top of things. Then, day by day, you only need to worry about ad-hoc posts and Stories.

schedule posts with feedalpha

Engage With Your Audiences

The more Social Media platforms you utilise, the wider your reach and therefore the more opportunities for sales. However, this also exposes you to multiple channels of communication between you and your customers. Of course, this is a bonus but it can also add to your workload.

Be sure to actively monitor your comments, mentions and inboxes across all Social Media sites to ensure you’re engaging back with your followers. If they’re taking the time out of their day to reach out to you – good or bad – then you must publicly respond.

Not only will this help you develop a good rapport with your audience but it will also show others that there’s an active person behind the account which increases the chances of them engaging and thus increases your organic reach.

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