8 Post Ideas For A Wedding Venue

by | Aug 29, 2021 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Social Media isn’t just about connecting with friends and family; it’s also a great source of inspiration for many – especially those planning a wedding. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are heavily utilised during the planning process, and it’s here wedding venues can throw their hat in the ring.

If you’re stuck for inspiration of your own, here are eight Social Media post ideas for wedding venues!


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1. Location, Location, Location

They say location is everything, which couldn’t be more true when it comes to a wedding venue. Use Social Media to show your happy couple what’s available at your venue, from cute couples shots to the practical side, such as seating options.

By sharing stylish photographs of your venue, you’ll find couples falling in love with it before they even arrive and this will help them to envision their happy day at your location.


2. What’s Included?

Do you offer a package deal, or perhaps several, with varying services included? Or perhaps you make great efforts to ensure every wedding is as unique as possible? You will know what works best for your venue, so be sure to share what’s included with your audience and why you do things the way you do.

Couples have so many decisions to make and little details to consider, so the more they know about a venue upfront, the better. One of the most significant factors that will influence their decision is price. Although this may not be a set figure depending on what’s involved, it’s better to be as forthright as possible.


3. Licences

Multiple areas of a wedding require licences, such as music, alcohol, and of course, the actual marriage itself. Some venues will be able to host the wedding (not just the reception) officially, and some will have no corkage fee, for instance. Whatever it is your venue offers, be sure to share this information clearly with your audience, so it’s as easy as possible for the betrothed to factor it into their decision making.


4. What’s Trending

Weddings frequently feature multiple trends such as first dance songs and popular dress styles. These trends alter from year to year, season to season, and modern brides (and grooms) will be keen to understand what’s ‘in’.

If a venue is seen to be down with the times and flexible to accommodate their needs, couples are more likely to consider using them. Venues can have some fun with these posts but be careful not to be too vocal when it comes to some of the more ‘quirky’ trends, as weddings are deeply personal occasions.


5. #Inspo

Whether it’s something old, new, borrowed or blue, couples are often looking for their own special touch to add to their big day. However, it can be hard to know where to start. As a venue, you will likely have seen it all, and what works (or what doesn’t work!). Use your inside knowledge to support and inspire your audience. Similar to the above, this could be themes, colour schemes or season content.


6. Recommended Suppliers

Wedding venues will often have a selection of recommended suppliers that they have worked with previously and can confidently endorse to their customers. In fact, some venues have mandatory suppliers for important tasks such as photography and catering because they must know the grounds and facilities excellently.

If this is the case at your venue, then be sure to make this completely transparent to any potential customers. Social Media can be used to connect the wedding venue to the supplier by sharing their content or tagging them in the venues posts, and it’s always worth asking your supplies to return the love.


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7. Throwback

Who doesn’t love a throwback every now and then, especially to the happiest day of someone’s life! From #ThrowbackTuesday to #FlashbackFriday, we’re sure there’s a hashtag to suit every day of the week when it comes to repurposing previously shared (but still fabulous) content.

Before you get too carried away sharing photographs of your previous clients across your Social Media platforms, be sure to have their full consent first – especially if there are children in the shot!


8. Top Tips and Advice

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and so the happy couple will likely lean on their venue for support. Share your top tips and advice based on your extensive hands-on experience within the industry and help support your existing customers while encouraging potential ones to put their special day in your hands. Tips could be shared via a series of individual updates, a detailed blog post or even a fun live Q&A session.


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