Five Post Ideas For A Florist

by | May 17, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Social Media marketing to reach wide audiences for free. From meet the team, behind the scenes and how-to tutorials, there are plenty of post ideas to help Florists pad their Social Media planners.

Here are five topics to get the ball rolling.

Available Stock

Firstly, one of the most important post topics will be your new and available stock. This will help you drive demand and hopefully some sales! Don’t forget to include a clear call to action on your posts, whether this is to visit your website or to come by your shop in person.

It’s essential to get a good balance between sales posts like this and engagement-driving, informative ones as you don’t want your Social Media feeds to be too sales heavy.

Gift Vouchers

People love to give the gift of flowers but equally, we often have our favourite blooms which can be challenging for others to know or remember. Gift Vouchers, however, are the best of both worlds and allow the recipient to choose their favourite bunch.

There will be certain times of the year that you’ll see an increase in giftings, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, for example. Consider pushing Vouchers or gift ideas more on Social Media during these times.


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Seasonal Blooms & Festive Products

You’ll know more than most about what flowers are available or popular during different seasons so help your audience choose with any top tips or recommendations. You may also stock festive products such as wreaths or mistletoe at Christmas, for example.

This will also help future brides or venues decide what flowers to have on the big day by understanding what will be available. Use these posts as an opportunity to outline your bridal packages where relevant.

Latest Trends & Styles

Similar to the above, Florists will know what’s ‘on-trend’ or popular at the moment so consider sharing this with your followers to initiate conversations and keep them in the loop.

You may also like to use these posts as a chance to detail how to order and whether you require customers to collect their flowers or offer delivery. 

Caring For Flowers

The worst part about receiving flowers is the sad day when they droop. Help your customers prolong the life of their bouquets with any tips and recommendations depending on the flower. Not only will this help your creations stay fresh and beautiful for longer, but it will also showcase your expertise and green-finger knowledge.

Plan, Schedule and Review

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking to post, it’s helpful to plan when, where and how. By producing a Social Media content planner you will have time to properly think about your posts and how best to get a balance of different topics and types.

Next, think about what creative you’d like to share with the prepared copy. This will likely be photographs of your work and shop but you can also incorporate videos or graphic design to mix up the feed.

By setting time aside each week or month to plan, you will be able to properly proof your content and schedule it in advance. This takes away the need to find time every day to manually post and ensures a drip-feed of quality content.

Once you have started to post on a regular basis, take a look at your results across each platform to understand what your customers are responding to best. Use this insight to tailor your Social Media content going forward.


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Targeted Social Media Ads

Facebook and Instagram enable businesses to run highly targeted and personalised Social Media Ads for reasonable budgets. Florists, for example, may look to target those interested in ‘Weddings’, who have recently changed their Facebook relationship status to ‘Engaged’, with flower packages.

Paid Ads will help increase your exposure into wider, conquest audiences and drive traffic to your website. These can be run over Facebook as well as Instagram and their extended Audience Network.

Engage Engage Engage

Last but by no means least – and arguably one of the most important tricks to successful Social Media marketing – is to engage with your audience. Encourage them to comment on your posts to initiate conversations and be sure to go back to everyone. Some businesses like to create a custom hashtag to help group their follower posts together.

By encouraging, and participating in, engagement, you will start to build a rapport with your audience (and potential customers) as well as help to increase your organic reach.


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