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Customer-facing businesses are at an advantage when it comes to utilising Social Media platforms because there are often very few limitations when it comes to what is suitable to share. That being said, it can be hard to find fresh and inspiring ways of posting regularly about a business. Here are seven easy post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


1. Prices and Promotions

Price and Location are understandably two of the most significant factors guests consider before booking a hotel. The easier it is for them to see an exact cost for their stay, and ideally, any promotions on offer, the more likely they are to commit to a booking. Guests will also be interested in how they pay, for example, ‘Pay When You Stay’ or ‘Free Cancellation’.


2. Package Deals

Another key decision point is what’s included in the stay. We all love a bargain (or perhaps even a splurge), so it’s essential guests know what’s included in their booking. Whether this is free use of facilities or breakfast, for example. You may wish to tie in package deal posts with any promotions you’re running, and this could be what gives you the competitive edge!


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3. Facilities

Speaking of facilities, potential guests would love to know what they should expect from their stay, especially if it might influence their packing (i.e. swimming pool or hot tub). This would also be an excellent opportunity to encourage visitors to pre-book any tables for dinner, facilities or treatments where necessary.


4. Events & Occasions

Hotels often host a variety of events and special occasions – but only if guests know it’s an option! If you’re able to facilitate an event, then be sure to let your audience know. Use Social Media as a platform to promote what it is you offer and photographs of what you’ve hosted previously. If you offer an in-house event planner, then perhaps organise top tips or Q&A sessions with them to share across Social Media.


5. Local Attractions

You will know your local area the best and be able to recommend any must-see landmarks or popular restaurants to help your guests plan their stay. If you’re able to organise transfers or perhaps even a tour somewhere nearby, then let your guests know so they can plan and book in advance. Little touches like this will be the reason guests chose you, and keep on coming back!


6. Customer Comments

One proven way for your audience to choose you over their other options is for them to hear the fantastic feedback left by previous guests. Whether they leave this themselves on your page or perhaps a guestbook, be sure to share this across Social Media. It’s wise not to include their full name for privacy reasons, so, depending on how personal you’re looking to get, either share ‘Mr / Mrs and their surname or just their first name.


7. Seasonal Posts

When constructing your content plan, whether this is done weekly, monthly or quarterly, it’s important to note down any topical posts coming up. The more obvious ones will be Valentine’s Day, Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas.

However, you may wish to go one step further. Did you know they’re a whole range of National Days trending across Social Media? They won’t all be relevant for your business and audience, but it’s definitely worth researching what’s on each month to be as topical as possible.


Here are six fun National Days you could use:

1. #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay
2. #NationalNappingDay or #WorldSleepDay
3. #TalkInAnElevatorDay
4. #NationalDoughnutDay
5. #NationalSelfieDay
6. #InternationalJokeDay

Visit our “Inspire Me” calendar for more post ideas. 

feedalpha 7 post ideas for hotel

Get Creative

A fantastic way to create a good mix of content is to switch up your creative. Consider where you can use Video or GIFs instead of static imagery and add this into your content plan. Instagram Reels and Stories are another fun way to get creative, and this will help build rapport with your existing and potential guests.

Don’t forget Reels aren’t limited to just Instagram, as you can download them to your phone and upload them to other suitable Social Media platforms. By sharing videos of the hotel and its facilities, guests will be able to get an insight into what to expect for their stay.


Review and Adapt

It’s always worth keeping an eye on what style of content your neighbouring hotels are sharing, and perhaps some of the well-known ones too. However, what works for one business may not work for you, so use the analytics section of your chosen Social Media platforms to review your results and use this to influence your content plan in the future.


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