Five Post Ideas For A Dog Groomer

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Post Ideas, Small Business

Social Media is a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes to promote their products or services, increase brand awareness and build a community of loyal followers. However, it’s a competitive space out there and businesses need to really stand out from the crowd.

It’s hard to imagine a Dog Groomer struggling to produce some paw-fect Social Media content because the internet practically runs off our collective love of animals. However, we understand a Social Media strategy can’t survive on cute pet pics alone.



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With this in mind, here are five Social Media post ideas to help Groomers produce a well-balanced content planner.

1. Pup Pics!

As above, you really can’t go wrong with some shots of your happy customers. Before, during and after shots will not only be adorable, but they will help showcase your talent and expertise.

However, it’s always worth asking owners permission before posting and being cautious of names / what a collar tag might show!

2. Tips & Caring for Dogs

You’ll know more than most about how best to care for our furry friends. From brushing out knots, trimming claws and general day to daycare, be sure to share any top tips and recommendations with your audience to showcase your knowledge and keep them engaged in-between visits.

3. Opening Times / Booking Appointments

As your Social Media reach grows, so will your following. This means it’s important to periodically share key business information such as opening times and how or when to book appointments.

If you know that you get busy during certain times of the month or year, then let your audience know to help manage expectations and also better balance your social media calendar!

It’s similarly important to make it clear whether you have a shop and require customers to come to you or if you provide mobile Dog Grooming services. The more information a customer has at their fingertips, and the easier it is to make a booking, the more likely they are to convert.

4. Meet The Team & Experience

Social Media is a fantastic way to build rapport with your existing customers but also new ones too. By sharing ‘Meet the Team’ posts, whether they’re via photographs, short videos or even by going live, you’re able to put a face to a name and add some personality to your content.

Furthermore, by introducing the team, it’s a great opportunity to subtly promote their experience and expertise, thus building trust and confidence with your customers, without feeling too braggy or sales-heavy.

5. Recommended Partners

Often, businesses will partner up with others in their industry to form a recommendations programme. It’s often said it’s not what you know but who, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to word of mouth and referrals.

Dog Groomers may wish to connect with similar businesses such as Doggy Day Cares or Walkers so they can provide recommendations to their customers. Ideally, those businesses will recommend you as a Dog Groomer in return!

Both businesses would benefit from sharing each other across their own Social Media platforms to generate engagement and keep their content fresh.

When you mention other businesses on Social Media be sure to ‘@’ tag their handles so they see and can subsequently share across their own platforms too – thus increasing your organic reach.


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Review & Tweak Content Planners

We always recommend businesses prepare and schedule their Social Media content in advance so as to ensure a consistent feed of content without the need to be actively posting every day. This will also allow sufficient time for quality copy, creative and proofing before anything goes out online.

However, that’s not to say that once it’s in the planner and scheduled everything is set in stone. Businesses must monitor their Social Media results and revise their content where relevant.

Results such as engagement and clicks will show businesses which posts are working and what their customers are responding to the most. This insight will help them tailor their content going forward to help improve results and keep customers engaged.

Ad-hoc posting also helps to keep things fresh – although it’s still important to allow time to proof and sense check spontaneous posts. Stories are a great way to share unplanned content throughout the day and brands are often much more relaxed and authentic as they only last for 24-hours!

Stories can help show off sneaky behind the scenes and pup-dates that will leave your followers coming back for more!


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