TikTok is growing in popularity at an impressive rate, with more and more businesses starting to join in on the action. However, the video-only platform is somewhat niche when it comes to businesses creating content.

Previously, adding a new Social Media platform to the digital mix has been easier for business as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all follow a similar format of copy, creative, links and hashtags.

TikTok is a space that allows creativity to flow and for brands to add some personality to their posts. Brands will succeed if they’re able to adapt to the trends and vibe of the platform whilst sharing their own unique, niche content.

If you’re looking to promote your brand on TikTok but aren’t sure where to start with regards to creating impressive content then you’re in safe hands. Here are our top tips for getting creative on TikTok.


Four Guiding Principles

TikTok has recently shared their own tips on getting creative, and our favourite takeaway is their four guiding principles – encouraging users to stay real, creative, entertaining and curious.

1. Real
This isn’t exclusive to the TikTok platform but across all Social Media – authenticity is key. Brands showing off their personality, whether it’s through meet the team or behind the scenes, will always pique our interest.

2. Creative
Of course, TikTok is one of the more creative-focused Social Media sites. Whether you’re following a trend or trying something new, your audience will engage best when you’re letting your creativity shine through.

3. Entertaining
A combination of the top two points. TikTok’s range from informative to hilarious but they all have one thing in common: they’re entertaining. If you’ve spent much time in the app you’ll know how easy it is to lose a few hours!

4. Curious
Stuck on how to be creative and entertaining? Try something new! Whether it’s new transitions, effects or sounds – the TikTok community appreciate originality.


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Finding Trending Sounds

TikTok is always a sound-on experience so this should be at the forefront of your content creation process. The app is incredibly trend-led which includes the latest sounds.

There are three easy ways to discover what’s hot on TikTok.

1. Be Active On The App
Just like other Social Media platforms, the more active you are online, the easier it is to be inspired by others. By actively scrolling through TikTok you will get a feel for what sounds are trending, how others are using them and what audiences are responding to best.

2. Spotify Playlist
If time isn’t on your side then you will find numerous helpful playlists over on Spotify, including their own ‘Viral Hits’ playlist (here) where they collate songs that are viral, trending and taking off.

3. TikTok Sounds
Within the TikTok app, if you tap the white plus sign at the bottom of your screen and then ‘Add Sound’ at the top, you will be directed to a page featuring their Recommended Sounds, Playlists, the UK Hot 50, New Music, TikTok Viral and more!

Don’t forget to look for any dedicated hashtags to include when joining trends or using trending sounds to help increase your potential reach.


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Video Editor

The TikTok Video Editor allows users to create and edit content all within the app. Here you can shoot your footage, add music, text and effects as well as transitions and more. The most successful content for businesses will use impactful visuals and engaging music or sounds.

TikTok’s top tip is to experiment with different styles of video and content to find your niche and what your audience will respond to best.


Video Templates

One of the most business-friendly features of TikTok is the fact that you don’t need to create content from scratch. TikTok’s Video Templates allow brands to choose from over 100 customisable templates to help create quality ad creatives. Just be sure to add your own branding!

Smart Text Tool

If you’re stuck for what to say, or how to say it in another language, TikTok’s ‘Smart Text’ tool will help by automatically generating or translating text for ads in multiple languages. All businesses need to do is enter their industry, language and keyword.

Next, TikTok will generate 10 different text phrases for you to choose, amend and use. As handy as this tool is, don’t forget to stand on brand and really consider what message you’re trying to share with your target audience.


Key Messages

Speaking of copy, it’s important to understand your audience and share messages that will resonate with them while showcasing your brand. A relevant caption will help reinforce the key message of the post and allows space for hashtags to help increase your reach.

Don’t forget, there is a ‘safe zone’ on each video for where text should feature so that it’s not obscured by any buttons or your caption once live.


Brainstorming Engaging Content

We all have access to the same colour paints but some artists put in more time and passion. The same can be said for Social Media. We all have access to the same platforms and features but it’s about how we use them to bring the content to life.

When it comes to producing engaging content, TikTok suggests that creators focus on the four I’s: Imitate, Interact, Interpret and Invent.

1. Imitate
As mentioned above, being active on the app will really help you get a feel for what others are doing – good or bad. TikTok runs on trends so it’s important to choose which will work well for you and your brand and which to simply let pass.

2. Interact
There’s nothing new about interacting with your audience on Social Media, and the TikTok community love it too. Utilise TikTok collaborative features such as Stitch, Duet and Reply to Comments to connect with your audience and keep driving engagement.

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3. Interpret
Don’t just follow trends, create them. By reworking existing trends and sounds you may find yourself leading the crowd. Brands must find their own sound, niche and identity on the platform to truly stand out.

4. Invent
Similar to the above, if you’re not sure how to interpret something just do it from scratch. The more you play around on the app the more you will develop your own style. Be conscious of brand guidelines and expectations but don’t be afraid to explore and experiment.

TikTok put it best when they said ‘there is no single path to success on TikTok’. Focus on common themes and watch how other successful businesses really utilise the app. Work on telling your brand story through creativity, positivity and authenticity.


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